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lundi, mai 29, 2006

Boring blog?

aww this blog is too boring. lets head over to the sanitized one on the right! =)

mardi, mai 02, 2006

Wrong state

Got to work in the wrong state of mind today.

really very sian. and demoralised.

Sometimes I feel that I need some space away from my mum. my family.

I missed the days that I am living alone.

This reminds me of this article in Straits times. about young singaporeans shifting out and living on their own. I feel like doing that too. Meeting for dinners often with mummy is fine. but living with her is another thing altogether.

Today. we took the train together as usual.

I know it is out of love. but she kept pushing me to do things that I do not want to do. 'advertising' and pressurising me to take up careers that I do not like at all!

ALL in the name of money.

I HATE. I repeat. I HATE to do things just because of money.

go on and label me the strawberry generation.

that I value the fact that I enjoy my job more than money itself. Mum was like saying that. she did not have the choice. given a job she will bite her teeth and pull through and do it.

This, I got to hand it to my mum. A lady with a will of iron.

BUT. you see. she's practising TCM in the nights. and yet she wanted to force me to do some financial planning stuff, saying that it earns alot of money in the night.

SO my question to her should be. Since going into FP makes more money than TCM, why do TCM? you might as well do FP?

BUT alas. My emotions got better of me then. I failed to take control of my brain better.

SO. Instead I asked. Why don't you do it yourself instead? I do not like this line at all.

This resulted into her being a little upset. because perhaps she thinks that I am the new strawberry generation. etc. that I am out to spike her or something.

*headache* my head is aching so much that I regret not having my facial toner with me. =(

Now. that touches on my weird family politics. cos the TCM is a family business. or rather. it used to be??

I don't know.

I am not sure.

I am too tired.

*ouch* my headache.

Called my mummy to explain while writing this blog. but she didn't pick up the phone. yup. the end.

I hate coming to work in a bad state!!