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mardi, mars 21, 2006

STICKY:Kind of losing focus.. so..

Doing some focusing stuff here:(*need to summarise)

New year resolutions:
alittle late.. BUT. better than dun have right??:P
Those done, or on-going to completion:

-Study french, Get a cert for french. study abit first ok?

-Take driving lessons(parents' constant nagging)
*DONE* taking

-Finish syllabus.. for mu

-Get training to be a certified coach
*DONE* going for training this week too

-Play tennis
Think need to redo my sup card, to use the tennis courts at suntec.=( got to call n ask.

-Exercising more.

Things that I can do currently:

-Had some funny idea. A S O S (project M.Hospitality =P)
did some research liao. will work on existing contacts. have to come up with a concrete concept (3 products in one??!?).
bought ebook, n borrowed book from library
signed up for something, n sent PM to this person. waiting for response. (building up customer base)
Signed up with this ggle thingy :P (observant people should notice:))

Things to do AFTER I have finished what I am doing now:
*resolution:no tiring myself out, must have time to nua!*

-Study n prepare for GMAT. =) cant be more excited!!
did research, with us and sg education centres
Went to amazon to see the more popular and user recomended books for GMAT preparations.
Went to borders (which is not so difficult cos its just 5 levels below my butt. ha. I am on the 6th level. and kino to check out the GMAT books and branding books
went to Orchard library to borrow a branding book to know more. and also to explore and find out the kind of MBA i wanna go for...
finshed e branding book.=) nice. will practise on vm n mu=)
going for a branding talk on 1st march. applied 1/2 day leave for it. anyone else interested?=P

-Contact Children Society to start volunteering!!!=) I want to be on the advisory board/management board if possible. i think i can go a good job.
researched on children society, rainbow club, hearing impaired children, cancer children
spoke to sis n got the contact of M
Spoke to M, prob going to see what they do on 13 feb cos not free next week...
went down n volunteered for a night. it was great.
think i will volunteer nearer to my place.
asked M about places nearer to my place liao
got the contact of the volunteer places near my place

-Learning golf.
checked out n got the website liao. got khakis liao=)

-Go for a tourism short course
to experience the tourguide's life. got the form liao.

-Work as a tram ride guide at night safari
one of my long time dreams!perhaps after i get my cert in french, i could guide in french! ha.

-To learn ballet again
well. after learning 3-4 years of ballet, then I was kinda made to drop it at 10yrs old. I feel like learning it again? I did TRY during uni time, for modern ballet for awhile. thats all. *feeling stiff*

-Learn malay!
a practical language=)

Progress in italics..