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jeudi, mars 09, 2006

My blog

Was skiving. (oops) and browsing thru some old old entries of mine.

And I realised. my blog has creased to be as interesting as before.

To think that I have gotten to know some 'fans' from this blog.

I removed my picture from my profile for this blog. cos u never know. google is really very powerful!!!!!! *trembles*

and I cant afford to allow the stuff i've written on this blog to be publicised. It might just jeopardise my career. if u get what I mean.

SO the less readers the better. ha. cant say the same for my sanitised blog:P

A friend told me. I am like carrie. in paris.

Another concluded that I am very sex-and-the-city kind of girl.

WHICH both I disagree!!!

Cos. Firstly. I DUN cheong! (unless there are cute cute muscular men in their underwears around. HAHAHAHA.. *cough* ) thats ossie's bad influence!! HA.

Blaming other people is always the smartest way to go!!!!

IF i were a character in SATC. I will not be carrie. I mean. I havent been rejcted or humiliated by a man before.. (how egoistic) *cross fingers*

But I do have close gay buddies! I love them! ha. who dun!?!?! haha.

With the amount of relationships I have.. does that make me Samantha? nono, I'm afriad not. cos I do not sleep around like a man. and I am traditional in this sense.

hmmm.. which I think. I am kinda close to Scarlett. But yet. I do not try as hard as her to get guys. oh well. i might! when i m her age of 30yrs old. heh. wow. I am doing an amazing job of scaring myself!!!

Which leaves miranda. well. i m more girlish then that.

Now I am at a point. where I am deciding. who to settle down with.

I am sick of relationships. And I just want to settle down n relax n be a parasite. HAHA.

Recently. Something shocked me.

Have I truly dated ALL types of men that might be of interest to me?

Cos. U see. I can now easily categorise the men that I find, kinda attractive into categories that are named after my ex-bfs!!!!


I shocked myself.

In fact. my sis is also doing the same thing. Like saying.. oh he is the N**L type.

When discussing with my sis. I might also say: he reminds me of L***E


Start freaking. Start pannicking. NOW!


Parlimentary discussions with Sq.

After discussing various topics.

U see. I understand my dear old friends. asking me. where is this relationship going. how is it ever going to work out?

So. I discussed with Sq.

He suggested. Spending 6mths in Paris. n 6mths in singapore.

Preferably, he will have his own company. N I was to work for him.

But but... i dun want to work!! at least. i want to have the choice not to work u see?


but he is adamant about me working!!!=( boo.

so i think i will be selling icecream in summer, and hotdogs in winter.

or something just as brainless.ha.



now we are at kids. where are the kids supposed to be brought up?

This is funny.

Cos that morning I asked him this question. And he told me. that he was just pondering about it during the day!!!! telepathy is cross-cultural.

But for now. I focus on my mummy.

I am stronger now than the last time. though I am the only one left in singapore.

Sq has to work hard on his chinese before i can even really consider.......... (tu sais? c'est vraiment tres tres important pour ma mere. et j'aime ma mere. donc. le chinois est tres important. t'es d'accord? travaille un peu plus stp..=()