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dimanche, mars 12, 2006

Career Reviewing

As above. Reviewing what I want to do.

Not that I hate what I am doing now. But most probably, its not what I want to do in a long run.

SO. yup.

Being a person who is ever so easily interested in so many things. I am wondering. which path should I take? I cant possibly be a jack of all trades, and sadly, a master in none? no?

After some pondering, here are the industries I am fascinated by:
-Public/Guest relations
-Event coordination
-Wedding planning

and of course. perhaps one day. I can be a speaker.

when I am old (at a ripe age of 40). i know I want to lecture a polytechnic. ha.

Anyway. So. I've been flipping through the newspapers, visiting websites. To observe, what kind of qualifications are required for the various industries that I am interested in. I am not even going to touch on required experience!

So lets analyse, and see if I am indeed equiped.

For Public/Guest relations
I need, I guess, a something in business. or hospitality.

For Tourism
After looking at NATAS, n STB. Lets say if I want to get the management associate scheme for STB, I lack:
- With internship programmes that will demonstrate your leadership skills and interest in tourism
And I probably need to go for that Masters in Hospitality that I am eyeing, during the career fair. heh.

For Hospitality
The same thing. THAT masters.

For Event coordination
There is one advert. that said that it's preferred to have fund raising proven records. WHICH yippee. i have. but I haven't really coordinated large scale events on a corporate basis. though I have managed large events in school, and company sized events. hmm.. perhaps I need some weekend internship or something...

For Wedding planning,
This i dunno. ha. probably have to consult my dear friend who owns a dating agency. so far, I have only been involved in the makeup portion of weddings/engagements/ROM. But for this, I probably will not want to work for someone else. I prefer to work for myself.

Also. I thought about the environment I will want to work in.

To say the truth. I like that crazily 'on', and passionate environment. stressful in a constructive and exciting way.

But this type of environment is rare rare rare.

SO. I prefer to have no boss. And also. I prefer to have no subordinates.

If I can just earn $$ as a speaker or a motivationer. that will be fine. oh well. I need to brush up on my skills. cos I am not a good public speaker! that speech that I did to address the 1000+ people for my event. was scorned by sis as too sugary sweet. argh.

For this, I need to consult my professional speaker friends. could I afford the time to go for training? I have to get my freaking driving license first!!! so that I have one thing less to do. and also my french certificate ( i need it for most of my career paths as described above ).

OR. I could just stick to selling ice-cream and hotdogs. HAHA.

So anyway. I think I will most probably go for that Hospitality Masters. yup. unless something convince me otherwise. I still have 1.5years of bond with my current company!! I think i will rather fork out the master's fees on my own. rather than signing yet another bond!


So, we've come to the career reviewing part 2.

I need to earn 100k or so in 1.5years. or to earn enough to pay the downpayment (if i am taking a loan.)

Having repaid my study loan in full within a year. I must admit. I do not have much cash left. (yes yes, I have invested in a couple of weird n unconventional things, but those are for long term passive income)

so now, I am concentrating in not building up the long term passive income. instead, I shift my focus on personal development. and of course, earning the amount for my studies.

with my current measy (not v) salary of mine, it is impossible to do it just by the traditional plain saving(which my mum is soo advocating).

After striking up a strange deal with this someone. I've invested riskless in stocks. (the only risk is opportunity cost for e $$ and depreciation cost) Now, after one month of investing. I am able to get around.. 5-10% profits. not too bad. but not good enough for my goal.

wrecking my brain now. (dun expect me to give up my shopping!!!!)

Side note:
I borrowed this guest relations book. which was a disappointment. it is like... sloppy introduction to neurolinguistic.

So, I borrowed this Google book thingy. currently still boring. Using figures to wow this readers. 1 whole chapter of figures.

some people should not be allowed to publish books!!!!