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mercredi, février 15, 2006

I hate Sg men!!


actually i don't.=P

But i do hate certain species.

And I came into contact with this certain species that I detest recently. during lunch. haha.. no prizes for guessing where is the source!

have you ever come across those.. with such a stupid big ego. and like to act so freaking buaya. YET. when a pretty lady comes to the scene, they become small little mice. with their tail between their hind legs?

Not to mention, this type of men are usually with a complexion that resembles a moon's surface. oily. glasses. fugly. i would say. considering their screwed up personality.

The common things that you will expect from this species is:
Case 1:
Me: oh, why did u choose to learn Japanese?
Fugly: the teacher is super chio lor.

Case 2:
Me: har. very rarely men will join yoga classes one leh
Fugly: for the girls mar! yoga classes got alot of girls one leh

er... err....


FYI, fugly==fucking ugly

I can visualise u nodding your head in agreement. We have all experienced fake-buayas like that. acting all great and mightly in front of his male pals.

In actual fact, they are just pathetic losers. who sign up for alot of things, and do things alone in the end.

The specimen i have here. he goes to the gym for 3 evenings. japanese classes for 1 evening. golf for sundays.

there u go.=)

So next time, when we see a fugly boasting about the chio bus that he sees n can easily get. we should dare him! see him crumple! and laugh mercilessly at him.

Yes dearies, with your carefully perfectly manicured finger pointing straight at his oily, big pored nose.

haha. pointless post anw