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jeudi, février 02, 2006

Family and relatives

This chinese new year.. is really rather emotionally draining for me.

well. due to the many issues between siblings of both sides.

our 'family' visitings was very fast and hasty.

So i have 1 ang bao from parents. 2 from the grand parent of each side. and 1 bonus one from a certain relative who was at grandpa's place. he isnt even supposed to be there!! ha. Cos we went at a time when it is certain that there is no one at my grandpa's house.

I bet he is kicking himself now.

haiz. where are my relatives? I have none left.

come to think of it, i kinda missed the xu wei style of some relatives, who says things like: wah... so big so pretty already ar.. etc.

sometimes we will only miss things when they no longer exist.

my family only have each other now....