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lundi, février 20, 2006

Hey all!!

People of the universe!!

Come judge me!

mercredi, février 15, 2006

I hate Sg men!!


actually i don't.=P

But i do hate certain species.

And I came into contact with this certain species that I detest recently. during lunch. haha.. no prizes for guessing where is the source!

have you ever come across those.. with such a stupid big ego. and like to act so freaking buaya. YET. when a pretty lady comes to the scene, they become small little mice. with their tail between their hind legs?

Not to mention, this type of men are usually with a complexion that resembles a moon's surface. oily. glasses. fugly. i would say. considering their screwed up personality.

The common things that you will expect from this species is:
Case 1:
Me: oh, why did u choose to learn Japanese?
Fugly: the teacher is super chio lor.

Case 2:
Me: har. very rarely men will join yoga classes one leh
Fugly: for the girls mar! yoga classes got alot of girls one leh

er... err....


FYI, fugly==fucking ugly

I can visualise u nodding your head in agreement. We have all experienced fake-buayas like that. acting all great and mightly in front of his male pals.

In actual fact, they are just pathetic losers. who sign up for alot of things, and do things alone in the end.

The specimen i have here. he goes to the gym for 3 evenings. japanese classes for 1 evening. golf for sundays.

there u go.=)

So next time, when we see a fugly boasting about the chio bus that he sees n can easily get. we should dare him! see him crumple! and laugh mercilessly at him.

Yes dearies, with your carefully perfectly manicured finger pointing straight at his oily, big pored nose.

haha. pointless post anw


thanks for ur smses=)


sq did after call me during work. which is really really rare! cos he only usually calls in the morning.

plus 2 smses. I am a happy girl.ha

I received.... flowers. could u believe it?

not from sq though.

n also chocolates.

both anonymous.

it must be very stressful n threatening to like me.


mardi, février 14, 2006


Tired of the stuff at this place where I spend most of my time awake at.

hence i did the almost-unthinkable.

I spoke out.

I spoke to the Head of this place.

Think I spoke alittle bit too much...

I am scared.. I do not know what will happen next.

I should. keep an optimistic mind n continue to live happily.

Cos u see.

There are a few possibilities:

If i am not seen happily.
-the head might see me as grumpy. someone who complains n grumble alot.
-Unhappy because the situation has not changed=>grumpy?

if I am happily.
-i guess. I am someone who give feedback. have trust in him to make the changes.
-a complainer. who have faith and hope in the place.

yeah. so anyway. the key is to remain happy.

at most leave the place lor. but i need $$ for my mba wor. heh.

I was rather stressed up yesterday.

so Ming n I complained to each other. HA.

I like spending time with her. cos she sometimes gives a different perspective. and she never seem bored of my rantings. hahaha..
(maybe she is internally bored)

I think i like to whine. BUT. who doesnt?????:P

right, people????? say YES!

Kind of disappointed with... sq yesterday.

Yes i know he has to work. but i wish he could listen, counsel me, and calm me down abit. I guess I am just being a selfish bitch.

I was really v stressed by the above incident that I was on the verge of tears. =(

yes. perhaps I think too much.

U know. the person leading u is really very important? =(

I dun mind a lower pay.

jeudi, février 02, 2006

Family and relatives

This chinese new year.. is really rather emotionally draining for me.

well. due to the many issues between siblings of both sides.

our 'family' visitings was very fast and hasty.

So i have 1 ang bao from parents. 2 from the grand parent of each side. and 1 bonus one from a certain relative who was at grandpa's place. he isnt even supposed to be there!! ha. Cos we went at a time when it is certain that there is no one at my grandpa's house.

I bet he is kicking himself now.

haiz. where are my relatives? I have none left.

come to think of it, i kinda missed the xu wei style of some relatives, who says things like: wah... so big so pretty already ar.. etc.

sometimes we will only miss things when they no longer exist.

my family only have each other now....