A Bimbo, Re-Defined

...a princess's diary...

vendredi, janvier 13, 2006

Dear old readers

I hate my life so much now.

Fights and unrest everywhere in my life.

In work, at home, in my heart.

what else could be wrong?

On the depressing way to work. in the MRT. i saw couples going to work together.

The shy couples will just look at each other in the eye lovingly, holding hands. before one exits the MRT for work.

Others kiss each other lovingly, before one leaves.

When we are in love, anything could be so sweet and romantic.


even without a car. without luxury.

it is just so xinfu. so enviously xinfu (blissful).

Before. i seldom take the train with my ex bfs. cos they usually drive. It was really xinfu to be driven around. to be in a place, alone with the one i love.

now i am with my current bf. without any luxury. no expensive and frequent gifts. no nothing.

Yet, i felt so blissful with him.

but he is there no more. i think its time to fang shou. we will never be like those xinfu couples. not anymore.

lets forget it. once and for all.

On the other hand. this guy X is using emotional blackmail on me. which i hate. i hate to the CORE!

he drove over to my house one day, and dropped the newest canon digi cam in my house.

yes. really. so what if he is rich. please dun use ur stupid money to 'ya1' me can.

he kept doing things like that. putting gift vouchers in my letterbox. blah blah.

I really detest and hate.

so i brought the camera to the office and handed it back to him. he refused to take it. he said earlier that i can throw it if i wanted to.

i placed the camera in his place.

then he angrily took it and dumped it into the dustbin next to my desk.

I was soooo angry. i took it and dumped it into another dustbin.

why must all the stress come at the same time.

so. early in the morning. an argument with sq. a breakup. the camera emotional blackmail. all these. oh yah. i did not really have e courage to tell u people. or anyone at all. but my mum is hospitalised.

please do not:
-show sympathy
-ask if it is serious
-tell me that u hope she will be well
-or even ask any questions lar.

sorry. i find it hard to say. i m afraid my tears will fall first.

pretend that nothing is happening ok?

Thanks guys.

I will go for retail therapy this evening!!:)