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mardi, décembre 06, 2005

What I am up to these days

Having a month left in France, I have geared up on with doing the things that I like to do in Paris, In France, In Europe.


I wanna blog about that some minutes ago, but now, I wanna blog about what is going through my head now.



I am currently working on my French homework. Working a crap essay to advise a friends about “comment améliorer sa façon d’apprendre une langue étrangère”.



Friends have asked me about my bf. What about sq? what is going to happen to us.





What I can say is. I will come back to Singapore single and available.




A thousand of different emotions are in me. After being let down again and again. I know in my heart, it is difficult for me to learn to lean on him for support. I cant. I cant trust that he will be there for me. I cant place my faith on him in this sense. Work or other friends have frequently (I will not say always) seem taken a higher priority, as compared to me. Disappointed beyond words. What is the use of telling me that u are always thinking of me and always talking about me, when I do NOT EVEN KNOW?!? And I cant even feel it. What is the point of showering me with tender loving care, when u cant do things for me? For eg, going down to Alliance Français with me. Yes, thanks for cleaning my aprt. No, no thanks for me having to be upset and u only allocate so little time for the whole aprt.



Silently I bid him goodbye. Ni hui zhao dao gen hao de.