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mardi, décembre 13, 2005


Hey peeps !


Have been soooooo busy in my life that i could hardly catch my breath !!


What I have been doing so far.


Busy meeting up everyone here before I leave.



So let me continue to type what I was going to type (from my previous blog).


So for last last Friday, I went to try out this special Japanese thingy at the Japanese Quarters in Paris. 101% authentic. The waiters and waitresses cant even speak good French. They conversed in Japanese, which was sufficient cos almost all their customers are Japanese!


I feel that I am back in Tokyo again!!


But too bad, no camera =(


Next. Saturday. Was with sq.


Spent the night doing potluck with a group of fun Singaporeans! Very very fun! Due to my inferior cooking abilities, I bought a roasted chicken instead of terrorising people into eating my food!


Pictures later!


No time liao. I got to go to my French lessons liao.



Let me summarise. Sunday cleaned house and went to Printemps with Sq n Aunt, watch Mama Mia (its free btw!!).


Last weekend when to Strasbourg, Germany (again!) and Switzerland for the famous Christmas markets and others, with 8 very fun travelling friends!!!!



Ok, really going. Will go into details tmr!