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mercredi, décembre 21, 2005


Went to Barcelona last weekend !


Hmm.. have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately. In France, Germany n Swiss * Feeling broke =( *


Ha. Nvm. Will earn the money back next time!



I must say, I love Spain!!! Even though, there is the same language barrier we would have in France. I will really want to learn Spanish!!! (I did take a short Spanish course, but it is not enough!! And I have forgotten everything, due to lack of chances to practise. ) I would love to live there for a while!


Yes true, the buildings and the architecture is amazingly beautiful in Paris. Very classy and sophiscated.


But it is really the vibrant, creative and colourful style of our beloved Gaudi that attracted me so much to Spain!



I am in love.



The bad thing is. We forgot our camera! So we bought a disposable one. So we will have to wait for the photos to come out, and then I will take digital copies of them! Ha.



Ok, preparing my last lap of Paris, and heading home soon. See ya guys.



Oh before that, I must mention that I had the most amazing dining experience, we went to this resto “Dans le noir”, so it is pitch dark in the resto, and the waiters, waitresses are all blind. So they are able to guide us. It is really like we have lost our sight! Very very memorable!



Ok, ciao til next time!