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samedi, décembre 31, 2005

hey peeps

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mercredi, décembre 21, 2005


Went to Barcelona last weekend !


Hmm.. have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately. In France, Germany n Swiss * Feeling broke =( *


Ha. Nvm. Will earn the money back next time!



I must say, I love Spain!!! Even though, there is the same language barrier we would have in France. I will really want to learn Spanish!!! (I did take a short Spanish course, but it is not enough!! And I have forgotten everything, due to lack of chances to practise. ) I would love to live there for a while!


Yes true, the buildings and the architecture is amazingly beautiful in Paris. Very classy and sophiscated.


But it is really the vibrant, creative and colourful style of our beloved Gaudi that attracted me so much to Spain!



I am in love.



The bad thing is. We forgot our camera! So we bought a disposable one. So we will have to wait for the photos to come out, and then I will take digital copies of them! Ha.



Ok, preparing my last lap of Paris, and heading home soon. See ya guys.



Oh before that, I must mention that I had the most amazing dining experience, we went to this resto “Dans le noir”, so it is pitch dark in the resto, and the waiters, waitresses are all blind. So they are able to guide us. It is really like we have lost our sight! Very very memorable!



Ok, ciao til next time!

jeudi, décembre 15, 2005

A simple life : Frankie

So so so many things to tell u all, but so little time to blog !!!



Yesterday, I met one of the most interesting people in my life.







He is a French-greek man, who lives near my office. (imagine Einstein, because he looks exactly like him!) apparently my boss is his friend, so yesterday, we went to eat in his restaurant.



What is so special about him, you ask.


I shall start by his restaurant. His restaurant is a private one. With a sign outside, “copains abord”, nothing more, not even a sign of a name or a restaurant signboard. This is a very shabby restaurant I thought. But why would my boss insist that I eat there before I leave?


And even before we come, my boss has to call Frankie to ask him if we could come. And at first, he wanted to reject us.


So anyway, we stepped in. It is definitely not the usual kind of restaurant that my boss used to go to! I mean. The tables are ad-hoc-ly placed. With chairs around. Not like a proper restaurant that is.



Yuan lai. Frankie’s restaurant only accepts friends. If you are not his friend, you cant enter. Ha. That explains that lack of advertisements on the outside, as in the lack of packaging, or lack of decoration etc. AND u have to call before u come.


Also, you do not get to choose what you want to eat. He chooses what he wants u to eat. He chooses what he wants u to drink. Which wine as the aperitif, which wine with the plat. There is basically no menu. So you will just have to wait and see what he gives u. and what he cooks is basically what he gets from the market in the morning. So the ingredients are extremely fresh and good. Frankie emphasizes that he doesn’t buy his groceries from a supermarket. Only markets, he says.



For lunch time. A small restaurant like frankie’s with 3 tables, is full. With 8 people. 2 pple/2 pple/4 pple. And although there are more places at the bar. Frankie rejected 3 customers whom he doesn’t know! Haha. Dun u find this man so interesting and amazing?



He said, “Laisse moi faire le repas, ce que tu dois faire est tomber amoureuse avec moi.” Very cute and charming ! it means : Let me do the cooking, and what you need to do is to fall in love with me.


Crap but cute. After he took a wine glass; and drink from table to table, and chit chat with all of us. The customers are pleased to offer him wine, he is pleased to offer them a coffee, etc. his friendliness is contagious!


After he asked me, if I have ever touched an artist. And he took my wrist and place my finger on the back of his other hand. And said. Its done, u have touched an artist.


And it goes on and on. And it certainly helps that he thinks that I m very pretty! Ha… Frankie is someone who doesn’t care about $$, and all he wants is to have fun with his friends, etc. he is 70+, and he says that he doesn’t need any money.



At the end, he gave me his number AND his handphone number! And asked me to call him when I m in Singapore.




And u know what? I think I most certainly will.

mardi, décembre 13, 2005


Hey peeps !


Have been soooooo busy in my life that i could hardly catch my breath !!


What I have been doing so far.


Busy meeting up everyone here before I leave.



So let me continue to type what I was going to type (from my previous blog).


So for last last Friday, I went to try out this special Japanese thingy at the Japanese Quarters in Paris. 101% authentic. The waiters and waitresses cant even speak good French. They conversed in Japanese, which was sufficient cos almost all their customers are Japanese!


I feel that I am back in Tokyo again!!


But too bad, no camera =(


Next. Saturday. Was with sq.


Spent the night doing potluck with a group of fun Singaporeans! Very very fun! Due to my inferior cooking abilities, I bought a roasted chicken instead of terrorising people into eating my food!


Pictures later!


No time liao. I got to go to my French lessons liao.



Let me summarise. Sunday cleaned house and went to Printemps with Sq n Aunt, watch Mama Mia (its free btw!!).


Last weekend when to Strasbourg, Germany (again!) and Switzerland for the famous Christmas markets and others, with 8 very fun travelling friends!!!!



Ok, really going. Will go into details tmr!

mardi, décembre 06, 2005

What I am up to these days

Having a month left in France, I have geared up on with doing the things that I like to do in Paris, In France, In Europe.


I wanna blog about that some minutes ago, but now, I wanna blog about what is going through my head now.



I am currently working on my French homework. Working a crap essay to advise a friends about “comment améliorer sa façon d’apprendre une langue étrangère”.



Friends have asked me about my bf. What about sq? what is going to happen to us.





What I can say is. I will come back to Singapore single and available.




A thousand of different emotions are in me. After being let down again and again. I know in my heart, it is difficult for me to learn to lean on him for support. I cant. I cant trust that he will be there for me. I cant place my faith on him in this sense. Work or other friends have frequently (I will not say always) seem taken a higher priority, as compared to me. Disappointed beyond words. What is the use of telling me that u are always thinking of me and always talking about me, when I do NOT EVEN KNOW?!? And I cant even feel it. What is the point of showering me with tender loving care, when u cant do things for me? For eg, going down to Alliance Français with me. Yes, thanks for cleaning my aprt. No, no thanks for me having to be upset and u only allocate so little time for the whole aprt.



Silently I bid him goodbye. Ni hui zhao dao gen hao de.