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lundi, novembre 14, 2005

zhen de shi .............SANG NAO JIN AH!

hi peeps!

last friday is a public holiday and i have went off to Cologne, Germany.

and before that, Sq have patched things up with me, so i left for my holidays happily! pictures are still in the cam. so sad that i do not have a digi cam now, so have to borrow from my friend. so one of the things to buy for the moment is a DIGICAM!

earlier i wanted psn's hp as a camera, but i guess it is still not sufficient for me! so i guess i will get a not very zai cam. i need to zoom, i need flash!

anw, will elaborate more on my holiday when i have my pictures!!

also, I have made the decision of investing in an expensive french intensive course. i figured out that i do not want to waste my time here anymore, i mean i m not doing things as efficiently as i am capable of. My time and my youth (haha!) is more important than some euros! haha. oh well. anw, i think i can easily make the money back once i have great french! =)

Then happily return back, only to quarrel with sq! again! I got back from cologne, then I went to bed immediately. Then I called him, wanting just to say goodnight that kind of things, cos we have not talked for 3 days. But his friend is with him, so he did not want to talk and insisted in calling me back, but I really want to sleep. so I got unhappy. He called me back in like 5mins. I was rather pissed liao, cos it has been 3 days that we have not talked . Then he got angry, cos he thinks that I do not appreciate that he kind of made his friend go off so that he can talk to me.

yeah.... kind of up-beat for my life until the quarrel. i find my strength from my relations in general. my bfs gave me the strength and courage and support to go on... if its going to continue to take my strength and positivity away again... haiz!

to be fair, when times are good, it is good. but its just that we really quarrel alot!

zhen de shi .............

SANG NAO JIN AH!!! (hitting my head while saying that)