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lundi, novembre 28, 2005

what do we need to have/do to get love...

Saw a disturbing email from Wesley. Haha


Yes, you.



It seems to be some Jacky Wu’s variety show. There is this girl who likes this guy. And she knows that the guy likes Sun Yanzi. So in the end, she underwent the plastic surgery, just to look like her.



I am like… OMG. Why did she do that???? People, if you even seen the before picture, please take note that it is the girl WITHOUT makeup. I believe with makeup and all, she is definitely not ugly. So why oh why did she do it to herself? Not to mention the recent Dawn Yang saga.



To what extent will women go, just to get love?




Was chatting to dear old friend over msn yesterday. Yup, we’ve lost each other for quite some time.



I realised. What I need really in life is love.


When will it come? What do I have to do? (given that I m not the kind who puts a lot of effort into a relationship. But Yes, I will want to meet someone who can make me do that willingly)