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lundi, novembre 07, 2005

some updates

hi all,

My new job is as such that there are some days that i m really busy, and there are some days i m not busy.

This day is one of the days that i m not busy=)

anw, yes Weasley. there are riots here in paris, in france. and it is kind of freaking my mum out! oh well. there is nothing much to worry as the area I am in is well protected (I sure hope so!!)

Well, social problems naturally comes hand in hand with high unemployment rate. WHICH is a quite a long standing problem here, i guess. plus the society here is a very protective one, so there are people with french nationalities, but not orginally french, who get discriminated, etc.. you know lar.

Thanks you all for ur concern!!=)

Daffy, hmm, there is definitely no opportunity in sg that can remotely match the one i have here.. so... haiz.. which makes the decision hard.

Shifu, i am really doing something i like. but i guess, due to my lack of competence in the language, I feel very useless sometimes. i guess its the same feeling u had, when u were doing ur minutes and all... hence i feel like going back to singapore where i do not have the disadvantage of the language!

psn, the next time i am coming home is end of dec. but if i m staying, i would want to negotiate to come back during chinese new year! i want to be home for that!!! its horrigible to be away during new year, not to mention i lagi big time with no ang baos!! haha . joke *cough * joke. definitely i can stay in singapore, but there is NO opportunities at all!!! i might want to stay if there is remotely some opportunities. but to date, there is no. Zero opp.

I am not sure if it is more xinku then more prospects. it is just the distance from home. i dun mind the xin ku-ness of my job, cos i like it u see. but the distance and also the barrier of the language is horrible..=(

So, i dunno lar.

Anw, i proposed to sq that we remain good friends, cos i m sick of being disappointed each time. etc.

he said he will think about it. in fact it was ard the time when we were msning with u, ossie.