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jeudi, novembre 24, 2005

sick sick sick of studying

Yoz peeps,


I m currently very sick of studying french liao.


U know, just imagine that you have only ONE subject instead of a variety of subjects. One subject to study all the time.


How boring and sickening is that! I dun even have other alternative subjects that I can study instead just for a change. Instead. I m stuck with only French! Grrr.



So yup.


My only real break to type English is blogging. Ha. Or talking to my Singaporean colleagues, we dun even see each other often. They are in the same department, but not me.





Back to blogging.




I typed a short French blog due to my excitement. And I wanna share my “happiness” with u guys! Ha…



So what happened was:

I happily went to the canteen to eat. So I chose the main plat of 6 chicken wings and added mash potatoes and some cauliflowers.

And I took a dessert of peeled mandarin oranges.


Et voila. The cashier counted wrongly and charged me only 28cents euros for my meal!!! Ha.. really very happy.


And yeah, I m cheapo!


And after at the café place, I got an extra chocolate from the lady at the counter. Cos she likes me! Hahaha. I like her too u know! And NO I m not confusing my love for chocolates with love for actual human beings… but oh well, no one who gives me good food is a foe! Hahaa



Ok, so that was the happiest day in my life! Ha, no true lar. Happiest day of the month I think. Its possible!




I am not sure with sq. still. Noel’s birthday is coming. Heh. I suddenly realised that I know a lot of people who are born in November!


So yeah! Happy birthday Chenwei, Happy birthday sissy! Happy birthday twin sis! Happy birthday Shifu! Happy birthday Cuzzie! Happy birthday Noel! Happy birthday L’eau-eek! Happy birthday the whole world!!=)


Ha. Say thank you for the birthday wishes (even if it is not your bd) and read on.











“You are welcomed”

* smiles sweetly *



Ha! How highly interactive my blog is!!!!!!!!!!!! =P