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lundi, novembre 21, 2005

NOT insomonia again!

Hey peeps.





There are not enough blogs for me to read. And I really do not want to end up reading the blog of someone I dunno. U see?



Anw, my weekend hmmm… Well, 3 disputes with Sq in 1 weekend, what do u think? Rather sizable disputes too!




Sianz. But all is cleared (once again!) and we are happily again. But seriously it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why I do not have confidence in the relationship!


But then again, he is really very very sweet!




Oh well.



We spent Saturday afternoon with his aunt, an adorable lady I must say!


We had lunch at the restaurant that I wanted to go to. (ha, thanks to sq and his subtle hints, he is always too polite to say what he wants)


And in the end, quelle surprise! His aunt paid for the meal. =)



Sq got some tomato thingy as entrée, so I shared riavioli fromage with his aunt. It was super yummy, but pictures are in sq’s camera, BOO! The whole story about cameras is… sis took mine and I m supposed to take hers, but we cant find hers, and she is in Shanghai. SO, yeah. I m camera-less. I actually tot I had to buy a camera when my daddy dearest found her camera! Yah!!!!! 3 cheers for dad!



Back to sq’s aunt, and after we went shopping alittle at montparnesse, aunt wanted to buy sq some shoes for xmas. And we walked past a shop with a skirt that aunt likes. And I commented that the matching necklace is nice. SO, we went into the shop. I though aunt wanted to try on the skirt and the necklace, but instead she asked for the necklace, and asked me to try it and said that she will buy it for me.




But in the end, I did not buy it, cos it is not really my type. I said it was nice, cos I tot it was aunt’s type.


But, what a sweet and darling lady, dun u think? She is single btw. At the age of 57, I guess it is kind of hard, no?



I am more than happy to meet her more often!





Anw, did not sleep well for a long long time already!!!! Grrr!!! So angry with myself. Not real energy during the day.


Yesterday I took a dosage of DOM, but still CANT SLEEP. And woke up v early too!!! And after I cant fall asleep again! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I tried everything I think! Tiring myself out. Footspa. Lavender. A bath. Alcohol!!!