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mardi, novembre 29, 2005

Love/Hate relationship with Paris

Friends and Family.

Xiang qing fu lao.


I will be officially going back to Sg end of December! I was offered a mission in Singapore, and yup I took it up.


Having said that, suddenly i felt that i really will miss France, for it is my habitat for 1.25 years liao.


SO, i've decided to list down the things that i HATE in France, so as to make me not feel so bad:

1. I HATE it when i cant speak up for myself when injustice is done, I cant fight for myself as well as i could have done in SG. yeah, i m pretty fiesty. pour exemple, l'apartement, le cours français juste il y a quelque minutes.

2. I HATE to have to rely on pple to get things done. its like i do not have a control on my life, my fate! I HATE especially to depend on sq to do things. he does things so slowly cos he is always busy. je crois que j'ai perdu 340euros à cause de lui! my blood will boil, and my blood pressure rises.

3. I HATE the stupid cold weather, that makes normal people have a headache when the wind blows at 0 degrees. or less. u get what i mean. i hate hate hate the cold. it makes me not want to go out.

4. I HATE the narrowminded people.

5. I HATE having an disadvantage JUST due to the language! WTF! how can language be a disadvantage.

6. I HATE the strikes! no oh, i dun really hate the strikes, i actually liked the show (where's my popcorn? =P).

7. I HATE being out with friends, and yet having the stress of focusing on each sentence they say, if not I will be lost. I HATE THAT!

8. speaking about having to focus very hard. I HATE needing sq to explain things to me during a conversation. be it a lingo, a slang, an idiom. GRR! i hate it! I feel so bimbotic, having nothing intelligent to add into the conversation. I hate feeling like an idiot!

9. I HATE being away from my dearest friends. i hate having to miss out on their KTV sessions! I HATE i HATE I HATE! I HATE loing

10. I HATE wondering if my mum is doing ok.

11. I HATE having to put on a coat for half of the year. i have lovely tops that i would like to show off! hahaa

12. I HATE pretending that (when someone asks) i want to be in France, and that i m extremely happy in France. Hate that man.

13. I HATE not being able to do things up to my upmost best, JUST because of the language disadvantage. YEAH, i know this belongs to an earlier point, but i hate it too most, so i have to separate it to a separate point.


oh well.



To the things that i think i like about France.


1. I can tour Europe easily

2. Shopping. good shopping though expensive. hmm... actually expensive means not good shopping. so.... ha.

3. Extra pocket money from company dearest!

4. Experiencing a different culture or rather learning how to cook the french food. culture i think i already learnt.

5. i think i m 2 to 3 times more popular with guys here..hahha

6. i will definitely miss some good, or in fact, GREAT and supportive friends. ils ont très gentile avec moi.

7. the architecture.


Yeah. thats all.



See you people in a while=)