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vendredi, novembre 25, 2005

First flake of snow

With the freaking cold temperature here.



I know it was coming. I could feel it coming. The snow storm is here.




This morning when I was on the way to the office, I saw ice on the floor. Frozen bits of ice everywhere. Yes, it is this cold.


I was contemplating to buy ear muffs, but did not get them. Cos it is really unglam. No one wears a ear muff here. =( boo.. my ears hurts, luckily I have my mp. headphones! Ha



My sis will be experiencing the same temperature when she goes to Washington to study. I seems that paris is alittle colder than Washington. Sis, just to let u know, the cashmere coat is not enough! =( boo hoo hoo. No worries, the coat I left for u is warm enough, tried and tested!


But reassure, I wore my polo Ralph sweater inside my coat, so just nice. Warm enough. But not to be out for too long a time!


The grey coat is still better, can move around in it. Cos its warm enough. I will wait til winter sales to go shopping again!


Me REALLY REALLY BROKE now! =( with 41 euros in my bank, and 305+55 euros to pay for my French lessons!!


Oh! I went for my test of competence in French today. Sad. I m only intermediate!!!!!!! I was hoping for advanced! But anw. Humpf! So sad! No reward for me. (was thinking of rewarding myself if I got advanced. =p ha)