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mercredi, novembre 16, 2005

The Allison burns Faithfull

I soooo want that bag right now !!!



Sq and me have been up and down, up and down, up and down. I hope that my life can be perfect again!


Yesterday after a major down, I was whining that the investing in French lessons is going to deplete my budget for my dearest desirable louis vuitton epi leather tresor international, which I have been thinking of for a long long time. And u know what guys? I mean, Sq is not rich at all! But he said that he will offer it to me for Christmas!! AHHH.. so so so touched!



Anw, I went down to Alliance Français today during lunch, to register for the course, only to find out that the 2 weeks course in November starts tomorrow! Which means I have to take the test today! But I do not have time for it, and also L’eau-eek,  a dear friend, also sneaked out during lunch to accompany me, so I cant possibly take the test now NOW. So in the end, I decided to go of the 1 months’ course in dec, but it depends, cos I think I am coming back on the 20th December, and the course ends 22th. So, we shall see. For now, its back to studying hard for the test in 1 week’s time!


Why din Sq come with me? Cos he is too busy to do so… DUH! But I have to be understanding =(


Have been spending more time with L’eau-eek than Sq, cos L’eau is really patient with me in French, and with Sq when we are not alone, I cant really expect him to speak slowly n explain to me all the time, can I?