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mardi, novembre 29, 2005

Love/Hate relationship with Paris

Friends and Family.

Xiang qing fu lao.


I will be officially going back to Sg end of December! I was offered a mission in Singapore, and yup I took it up.


Having said that, suddenly i felt that i really will miss France, for it is my habitat for 1.25 years liao.


SO, i've decided to list down the things that i HATE in France, so as to make me not feel so bad:

1. I HATE it when i cant speak up for myself when injustice is done, I cant fight for myself as well as i could have done in SG. yeah, i m pretty fiesty. pour exemple, l'apartement, le cours français juste il y a quelque minutes.

2. I HATE to have to rely on pple to get things done. its like i do not have a control on my life, my fate! I HATE especially to depend on sq to do things. he does things so slowly cos he is always busy. je crois que j'ai perdu 340euros à cause de lui! my blood will boil, and my blood pressure rises.

3. I HATE the stupid cold weather, that makes normal people have a headache when the wind blows at 0 degrees. or less. u get what i mean. i hate hate hate the cold. it makes me not want to go out.

4. I HATE the narrowminded people.

5. I HATE having an disadvantage JUST due to the language! WTF! how can language be a disadvantage.

6. I HATE the strikes! no oh, i dun really hate the strikes, i actually liked the show (where's my popcorn? =P).

7. I HATE being out with friends, and yet having the stress of focusing on each sentence they say, if not I will be lost. I HATE THAT!

8. speaking about having to focus very hard. I HATE needing sq to explain things to me during a conversation. be it a lingo, a slang, an idiom. GRR! i hate it! I feel so bimbotic, having nothing intelligent to add into the conversation. I hate feeling like an idiot!

9. I HATE being away from my dearest friends. i hate having to miss out on their KTV sessions! I HATE i HATE I HATE! I HATE loing

10. I HATE wondering if my mum is doing ok.

11. I HATE having to put on a coat for half of the year. i have lovely tops that i would like to show off! hahaa

12. I HATE pretending that (when someone asks) i want to be in France, and that i m extremely happy in France. Hate that man.

13. I HATE not being able to do things up to my upmost best, JUST because of the language disadvantage. YEAH, i know this belongs to an earlier point, but i hate it too most, so i have to separate it to a separate point.


oh well.



To the things that i think i like about France.


1. I can tour Europe easily

2. Shopping. good shopping though expensive. hmm... actually expensive means not good shopping. so.... ha.

3. Extra pocket money from company dearest!

4. Experiencing a different culture or rather learning how to cook the french food. culture i think i already learnt.

5. i think i m 2 to 3 times more popular with guys here..hahha

6. i will definitely miss some good, or in fact, GREAT and supportive friends. ils ont très gentile avec moi.

7. the architecture.


Yeah. thats all.



See you people in a while=)



lundi, novembre 28, 2005

what do we need to have/do to get love...

Saw a disturbing email from Wesley. Haha


Yes, you.



It seems to be some Jacky Wu’s variety show. There is this girl who likes this guy. And she knows that the guy likes Sun Yanzi. So in the end, she underwent the plastic surgery, just to look like her.



I am like… OMG. Why did she do that???? People, if you even seen the before picture, please take note that it is the girl WITHOUT makeup. I believe with makeup and all, she is definitely not ugly. So why oh why did she do it to herself? Not to mention the recent Dawn Yang saga.



To what extent will women go, just to get love?




Was chatting to dear old friend over msn yesterday. Yup, we’ve lost each other for quite some time.



I realised. What I need really in life is love.


When will it come? What do I have to do? (given that I m not the kind who puts a lot of effort into a relationship. But Yes, I will want to meet someone who can make me do that willingly)

vendredi, novembre 25, 2005

First flake of snow

With the freaking cold temperature here.



I know it was coming. I could feel it coming. The snow storm is here.




This morning when I was on the way to the office, I saw ice on the floor. Frozen bits of ice everywhere. Yes, it is this cold.


I was contemplating to buy ear muffs, but did not get them. Cos it is really unglam. No one wears a ear muff here. =( boo.. my ears hurts, luckily I have my mp. headphones! Ha



My sis will be experiencing the same temperature when she goes to Washington to study. I seems that paris is alittle colder than Washington. Sis, just to let u know, the cashmere coat is not enough! =( boo hoo hoo. No worries, the coat I left for u is warm enough, tried and tested!


But reassure, I wore my polo Ralph sweater inside my coat, so just nice. Warm enough. But not to be out for too long a time!


The grey coat is still better, can move around in it. Cos its warm enough. I will wait til winter sales to go shopping again!


Me REALLY REALLY BROKE now! =( with 41 euros in my bank, and 305+55 euros to pay for my French lessons!!


Oh! I went for my test of competence in French today. Sad. I m only intermediate!!!!!!! I was hoping for advanced! But anw. Humpf! So sad! No reward for me. (was thinking of rewarding myself if I got advanced. =p ha)

jeudi, novembre 24, 2005

sick sick sick of studying

Yoz peeps,


I m currently very sick of studying french liao.


U know, just imagine that you have only ONE subject instead of a variety of subjects. One subject to study all the time.


How boring and sickening is that! I dun even have other alternative subjects that I can study instead just for a change. Instead. I m stuck with only French! Grrr.



So yup.


My only real break to type English is blogging. Ha. Or talking to my Singaporean colleagues, we dun even see each other often. They are in the same department, but not me.





Back to blogging.




I typed a short French blog due to my excitement. And I wanna share my “happiness” with u guys! Ha…



So what happened was:

I happily went to the canteen to eat. So I chose the main plat of 6 chicken wings and added mash potatoes and some cauliflowers.

And I took a dessert of peeled mandarin oranges.


Et voila. The cashier counted wrongly and charged me only 28cents euros for my meal!!! Ha.. really very happy.


And yeah, I m cheapo!


And after at the café place, I got an extra chocolate from the lady at the counter. Cos she likes me! Hahaha. I like her too u know! And NO I m not confusing my love for chocolates with love for actual human beings… but oh well, no one who gives me good food is a foe! Hahaa



Ok, so that was the happiest day in my life! Ha, no true lar. Happiest day of the month I think. Its possible!




I am not sure with sq. still. Noel’s birthday is coming. Heh. I suddenly realised that I know a lot of people who are born in November!


So yeah! Happy birthday Chenwei, Happy birthday sissy! Happy birthday twin sis! Happy birthday Shifu! Happy birthday Cuzzie! Happy birthday Noel! Happy birthday L’eau-eek! Happy birthday the whole world!!=)


Ha. Say thank you for the birthday wishes (even if it is not your bd) and read on.











“You are welcomed”

* smiles sweetly *



Ha! How highly interactive my blog is!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

Woman fined for refusing to surrender roast geese at Changi Airport

A funny piece of news, IMO. That woman is very wilful! The law, though amusing, is essential to protect us from bird flu or whatsoever…ha



SINGAPORE : A woman was fined $3,000 for trying to bring in two roast geese from China, and refusing to hand them over to the authorities.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority said Tan Chai Peng was stopped at Changi Airport's Terminal 2 on September 30 and told to surrender the birds for disposal because she did not have a licence to bring them in.

She refused to hand the geese over and threw them on the floor instead.

She was fined $3,000 for obstructing Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers in the execution of their duties.

And another charge of importing two roast geese from China was also taken into consideration in sentencing.

Under Singapore laws, a licence and a permit are required before importing meat and meat products into Singapore.

Travellers are allowed to bring in small quantities of meat for personal consumption, but this must be limited to 5 kilogrammes per person and come from a country approved by the AVA.

Beef, mutton, pork and poultry in any form cannot be brought in from Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia and India. - CNA/de


mardi, novembre 22, 2005

Le jour le plus heureux de ma vie

aujourd’hui la casseur l’a trompé, et j’ai un repas pas cher ! à juste 0.28 euros !! et après j’ai un chocolat supplémentaire. Ha


C’est le jour le plus heureux de ma vie !


=p cheap trill

lundi, novembre 21, 2005

NOT insomonia again!

Hey peeps.





There are not enough blogs for me to read. And I really do not want to end up reading the blog of someone I dunno. U see?



Anw, my weekend hmmm… Well, 3 disputes with Sq in 1 weekend, what do u think? Rather sizable disputes too!




Sianz. But all is cleared (once again!) and we are happily again. But seriously it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why I do not have confidence in the relationship!


But then again, he is really very very sweet!




Oh well.



We spent Saturday afternoon with his aunt, an adorable lady I must say!


We had lunch at the restaurant that I wanted to go to. (ha, thanks to sq and his subtle hints, he is always too polite to say what he wants)


And in the end, quelle surprise! His aunt paid for the meal. =)



Sq got some tomato thingy as entrée, so I shared riavioli fromage with his aunt. It was super yummy, but pictures are in sq’s camera, BOO! The whole story about cameras is… sis took mine and I m supposed to take hers, but we cant find hers, and she is in Shanghai. SO, yeah. I m camera-less. I actually tot I had to buy a camera when my daddy dearest found her camera! Yah!!!!! 3 cheers for dad!



Back to sq’s aunt, and after we went shopping alittle at montparnesse, aunt wanted to buy sq some shoes for xmas. And we walked past a shop with a skirt that aunt likes. And I commented that the matching necklace is nice. SO, we went into the shop. I though aunt wanted to try on the skirt and the necklace, but instead she asked for the necklace, and asked me to try it and said that she will buy it for me.




But in the end, I did not buy it, cos it is not really my type. I said it was nice, cos I tot it was aunt’s type.


But, what a sweet and darling lady, dun u think? She is single btw. At the age of 57, I guess it is kind of hard, no?



I am more than happy to meet her more often!





Anw, did not sleep well for a long long time already!!!! Grrr!!! So angry with myself. Not real energy during the day.


Yesterday I took a dosage of DOM, but still CANT SLEEP. And woke up v early too!!! And after I cant fall asleep again! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I tried everything I think! Tiring myself out. Footspa. Lavender. A bath. Alcohol!!!


jeudi, novembre 17, 2005

Une soiree au resto parriade =)

The starter

The parriade=)

basically its like a buffet.

The not-so-glam pictures of my colleagues! ha! we have been trying to take unglam pictures of each other. ha.

mercredi, novembre 16, 2005

The Allison burns Faithfull

I soooo want that bag right now !!!



Sq and me have been up and down, up and down, up and down. I hope that my life can be perfect again!


Yesterday after a major down, I was whining that the investing in French lessons is going to deplete my budget for my dearest desirable louis vuitton epi leather tresor international, which I have been thinking of for a long long time. And u know what guys? I mean, Sq is not rich at all! But he said that he will offer it to me for Christmas!! AHHH.. so so so touched!



Anw, I went down to Alliance Français today during lunch, to register for the course, only to find out that the 2 weeks course in November starts tomorrow! Which means I have to take the test today! But I do not have time for it, and also L’eau-eek,  a dear friend, also sneaked out during lunch to accompany me, so I cant possibly take the test now NOW. So in the end, I decided to go of the 1 months’ course in dec, but it depends, cos I think I am coming back on the 20th December, and the course ends 22th. So, we shall see. For now, its back to studying hard for the test in 1 week’s time!


Why din Sq come with me? Cos he is too busy to do so… DUH! But I have to be understanding =(


Have been spending more time with L’eau-eek than Sq, cos L’eau is really patient with me in French, and with Sq when we are not alone, I cant really expect him to speak slowly n explain to me all the time, can I?



Spoilt brat!

Recently i stumbled upon a blog that slams some rich gals, and guys. Aiming particularly to those who were born with a silver spoon.



When we were little, I guess my sis and me were spoiled by our parents. And NOT knowing that we are indeed spoilt, we got angry with my father’s employees who thought that we were spoilt. And we loved those who were nice to us! OMG! HOW stupid children can be??!!?? But now, when I look at II, (that little girl who stayed over at my apart) I realised, we were indeed very spoilt. But heh, we grew up fine and nice right sis? =P



I feel that spoiling children is not something particular to rich families, even poor or average families spoil their children too! By for example, it is common for the mother to do all the housework, and the children do not help out? See? It happens. It is just that they do not have enough resources to spoil their children. NOT that they do not want to (subconsciously or consciously!!!).



My principle remains, cant bring up a child perfectly, DUN HAVE CHILDREN! Which is why I m kind of set on not having children, unless someone else can convince me otherwise.




Anw, I do not know if you are aware, but earlier, my family was really living on the line. But now, everything is fine again! my dad’s business is putting up again! I want to help, and I know I can.


PS: u know, I do not know where do I get my self confidence from. Really muo4 ming2 qi2 miao4, I will sometimes, if not always, feel that I m really very very capable in doing something I want to do very much, BUT I have not done it before! Ha. Beats me too, but I think I am capable of managing a project for dad. Or better, (or not) bring in the deals!



lundi, novembre 14, 2005

zhen de shi .............SANG NAO JIN AH!

hi peeps!

last friday is a public holiday and i have went off to Cologne, Germany.

and before that, Sq have patched things up with me, so i left for my holidays happily! pictures are still in the cam. so sad that i do not have a digi cam now, so have to borrow from my friend. so one of the things to buy for the moment is a DIGICAM!

earlier i wanted psn's hp as a camera, but i guess it is still not sufficient for me! so i guess i will get a not very zai cam. i need to zoom, i need flash!

anw, will elaborate more on my holiday when i have my pictures!!

also, I have made the decision of investing in an expensive french intensive course. i figured out that i do not want to waste my time here anymore, i mean i m not doing things as efficiently as i am capable of. My time and my youth (haha!) is more important than some euros! haha. oh well. anw, i think i can easily make the money back once i have great french! =)

Then happily return back, only to quarrel with sq! again! I got back from cologne, then I went to bed immediately. Then I called him, wanting just to say goodnight that kind of things, cos we have not talked for 3 days. But his friend is with him, so he did not want to talk and insisted in calling me back, but I really want to sleep. so I got unhappy. He called me back in like 5mins. I was rather pissed liao, cos it has been 3 days that we have not talked . Then he got angry, cos he thinks that I do not appreciate that he kind of made his friend go off so that he can talk to me.

yeah.... kind of up-beat for my life until the quarrel. i find my strength from my relations in general. my bfs gave me the strength and courage and support to go on... if its going to continue to take my strength and positivity away again... haiz!

to be fair, when times are good, it is good. but its just that we really quarrel alot!

zhen de shi .............

SANG NAO JIN AH!!! (hitting my head while saying that)

lundi, novembre 07, 2005

some updates

hi all,

My new job is as such that there are some days that i m really busy, and there are some days i m not busy.

This day is one of the days that i m not busy=)

anw, yes Weasley. there are riots here in paris, in france. and it is kind of freaking my mum out! oh well. there is nothing much to worry as the area I am in is well protected (I sure hope so!!)

Well, social problems naturally comes hand in hand with high unemployment rate. WHICH is a quite a long standing problem here, i guess. plus the society here is a very protective one, so there are people with french nationalities, but not orginally french, who get discriminated, etc.. you know lar.

Thanks you all for ur concern!!=)

Daffy, hmm, there is definitely no opportunity in sg that can remotely match the one i have here.. so... haiz.. which makes the decision hard.

Shifu, i am really doing something i like. but i guess, due to my lack of competence in the language, I feel very useless sometimes. i guess its the same feeling u had, when u were doing ur minutes and all... hence i feel like going back to singapore where i do not have the disadvantage of the language!

psn, the next time i am coming home is end of dec. but if i m staying, i would want to negotiate to come back during chinese new year! i want to be home for that!!! its horrigible to be away during new year, not to mention i lagi big time with no ang baos!! haha . joke *cough * joke. definitely i can stay in singapore, but there is NO opportunities at all!!! i might want to stay if there is remotely some opportunities. but to date, there is no. Zero opp.

I am not sure if it is more xinku then more prospects. it is just the distance from home. i dun mind the xin ku-ness of my job, cos i like it u see. but the distance and also the barrier of the language is horrible..=(

So, i dunno lar.

Anw, i proposed to sq that we remain good friends, cos i m sick of being disappointed each time. etc.

he said he will think about it. in fact it was ard the time when we were msning with u, ossie.

jeudi, novembre 03, 2005



Tired of thinking.

Tired of working.

Tired of pondering about my situation.

Tired of straining my eyes, cos I am staring into the screen for the whole day.

Tired of the stupid cold weather.

Tired of the stupid rain yesterday, cos I did not have my umbrella.

Tired of speaking in a foreign language.

Tired of painting my nails myself, then clumsily destroy my lovely French manicure.

Tired of being patient with my colleague.

Tired of not being able to blog openly. Neither MSN or any other chat is not allowed.

Tired of going back to an empty house.

Tired of smiling forcingly and sweetly to everyone.

Tired of laughing at people’s unfunny jokes.

Tired of the life here.

Tired of forcing myself for my career.

Tired of eating chocolates for meals (cos we dun need to cook them!)

Tired. Just so damn bloody Tired.