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vendredi, octobre 21, 2005

Starting afresh

Hey people,
You know, I will love to blog more often.

BUT due to my 'strategic' location, i cant!! grr


My birthday. the countdown day to my birthday (14th), sq and me had a big big fight. which led me to pack all my things in his house to shift out, and break up.

hmm. anyway. that is it. it was really really bad.

then we made up, and on my birthday, we had a simple meal in a Korean restaurant. which after we had a nice walk along the river. which overlooks (of course!) Effiel tower, and the other architectures.

THEN. he started walking REALLY fast. turns out. he needs the toilet urgently.



thats it.

I feel that there is too much 'bad blood' in the relationship. that i think that we should clear it all up before continuing.

For me, i know that i cant really trust him, i m extremely afriad that history will repeat itself. etc. Him too, i think. its so bad that sometimes we are fighting in front of friends. not exactly fighting, BUT just expressing our displeasure about each other in front of friends.

there are reservations now i think.

Hence, I thought about it.

Here are my proposed plans:
-Make a list.
Each person is to make a list. the list should contain first the things that you like about each other. it can be something simple like .... i like your big nose, or i like you when you call me to say "wan an". etc.

list out the times when you are hurt. go through the list, and explain your actions then. to close every case. make the relevant apologies (even they have been made before) once and for all.

THEN, go through the list of the things you like. ending each point with a kiss. =)
then hug long long.

- Discover a new place together
take the 31st Oct off, so that we have 4 days to go somewhere. perhaps Rome or Barcelona.
Taking a break together will do good for the relationship

-Start anew
NO more mentioning of previous faults/mistakes
if someone mentions it, the other have to say: "dear, we have already discussed about that, no?" followed by a kiss=)

-go for classes togehter
as in, pick up something new together.
I would suggest Salsa... but i know he is not keen to try.

what do u all think? any other suggestions??