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vendredi, octobre 14, 2005

The last day of 23

There are few words to describe my last day to be 23.

Anyway people, my Sg hotline is still up and running!! haha.. all ready for birthday greetings..hhhahahaa. Charges are the same when u send an sms to a sg phone. but I might not respond, cos charges are high here!

In a good mood currently, as I have just finished my FIRST proposal!!! YAY!

well, before that, I was in a bad mood.

But since my partner is in a bad mood too, I did my best to support her. =)

so finally, job accomplished!!!

Alot of complications happened to me and my colleagues in France, that made life unbearable here. I would attribute these to the plain cultural and language differences. but everyone knows that how can cultural differences be just described as 'plain'?? when culture is something that is created over the years?

Anyway, so in short, there are alot of difficulties living here in France, and there is no support from our employer. so all in all, we are kind of left to die.

With this, I want to talk about redundant/non-redundant systems. QUELLE NERD!!

I know, I know, I am a good 'old nerd!

When we choose to be in a monoganous relationship, we are choosing a non-redundant system. A non-redundant system (for the non-nerds) is a system that has only one processor, and if this processor fails, the whole system is down.

On the other hand, a redundant system, is one with several processors, and when a processor fails, the next one on line will take over the work.

So, yesterday, my non-redundant system was mal functioning, it was down. and I collapsed.

I really hoped sq to help clear my mess, but well, he is too busy clearing his own mess.

I had a terrible night. which ended with tears. Sq cant be with me.

After the hard hard day at work, I got back, and saw a new message on my sg handphone. Thinking that it might be a early BD message. but no. it was an sms from an old friend, informing me of a suicide of a fellow course mate.

I wonder how low can I fall?

I dragged myself to work today, only to find my team mate crying.

ha, so bobian. acted the chirpy hero=)

Anw, feeling very proud of myself of my first proposal!!

just for laughs, OR your pleasure!!!

I had a mail from AdPost:
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email: qwerhjkl666@hotmail.com


anyone thinking of using her service???


maybe I should employ her as a stripper for one of my guy friends!! hahahhaa