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jeudi, octobre 27, 2005

Here I am , stuck in the middle with you….

I think i m going to write something irrelevant, and it might not even make sense!

As I have been talking to some friends who are studying/working abroad, I realised a pattern. After years of staying in a European cultured society. A lot of people attained nirvana, i.e. ‘nie pan’.

Before when we are all dwelling in the little island which we call home, we are full of ambitions, motivation and drive. Determined to carve an amazing career out of our hands, we embraced our destiny and ventured into foreign land.

We might have different reasons to make the choice for working/studying overseas. But they do not differ much from gaining exposure, for a better and brighter career. Generally.

Somehow, is it something about the European culture, that focuses more on family, and well being?? Or it is due to the long and vast distance from home, that we started to realise what really matters?

For eg, (dun bite me!) my dearest friend Ossie. Before, she is very career oriented. Etc. but now that she has found Duke in London apparently. PLUS she fell in love with the European lifestyle. (BY THE WAY, what European lifestyle?? When each European country is so different from the other????) That is not important. Ha. She now just prioritises love. Love love love love love. I wonder how many times do I have to repeat it to make you guys suffer from tooth decay!

Another example. From an old JC friend. When I was discussing with him about whether to stay or to return. He asked me instead that is this opportunity worth it? Is career really worth your absence away from your friends and family??? What are the things that you place priority to?

All this came as a shock to me. For he is, ( or at least, he was ) one of the most career oriented person I have ever met. Being the triple jump record holder of Singapore, of our times, plus track captain. All these topped up with his perfect A levels score. PLUS of course his army of groupies. Ha. All these. He has, instead, changed his direction.

If you guys remember Von. Von was someone who wants to “wo fei de jui gao jui yuan”. You know, the theme song of our beloved star search. And indeed she has. She is one of the very very few who got offered to study her PHD here in France, bondless. An opportunity which she rejected, just to go back to cultivate her relationship which she found here in France with a fellow Singaporean. This lady is planning to get married soon.

I wonder if its due to the age. Because we are getting older, we get more family oriented, and fluffy and all. But in fact, as compared to the people of the same age group back in Sg, the people in Sg are just as competitive as ever.

In Singapore, due to our sheer size, and lack of natural resources, hence we are a country made of human resources. In such a country, it become unavoidable that “success” is being commonly defined by how high you fly, your career.

I remember a kinda ‘debate’ not long ago (not really a debate, cos its on shifu’s blog), about VS guys discussing about how their school should be not a mixed school. My thought was, children should grow up in an environment which is natural. Natural being, the same of their living environment. The world is made up of 2 sexes, so why separate children due to their sex for schooling? (the same goes for religion, race, etc) there should be no separation, in my opinion.

And one of the old VS boy friends of my Shifu listed out the high flying people who graduated from single sex schools. And concluded that they are in fact, successful. I did not go on pushing my point. But what strikes me is how people associate success to success in career.

I guess I use to be like that. But now.. ha. No longer. At least I think so.

I think I am on the path of attaining Nirvana liao.. I am Nie-pan-ing liao. In france.

A suggestion to scholarship sponsors. Do not send people to Europe! Ha.

Its just my point of view anyway. Which made it so hard to decide whether to stay or to leave. Cos if I m like before, I would have stayed, no problems. If I have attained Nirvana, I would choose to leave, no problems. But now…

Here I am , stuck in the middle with you….