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jeudi, septembre 08, 2005

Talking to myself

So I talked to myself.

why am I doing so many things I dun have to do?

1. I enjoy the challenge
2. I want to have passive income > my expenditure
3. I am actually enjoying myself

Q: If you are enjoying urself, why are u so stressed?
A: Because I am putting in more time than I can for my well-being. As in, I cant enjoy my life, I can go out, or spend time with people.
and it is only due to the VM.

Q:if the Vm is causing u all this, why are u continuing?
A:because it has the greatest potential for attaining passive income.

Q:do u really think that working together with E is possible? is it possible to big up an empire with him?
A:well, he is very disciplined. but its getting very difficult because of that. he has no need to socialise at all.

Q:why do u have the need to socialise?
A:I dunno. am I able to give it up? i dunno. what is the point?

Q:Is there other ways to attain passive income like VM can?
A:Maybe thru YA???

If i quit from VM, I can get back a sum of $$, and finish paying my loans..

But VM is my baby, I thought of the idea, and found an untapped resource! and how can I give it up so easily?

ARGH!! i can go on forever!