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jeudi, septembre 08, 2005

My dilemas

I feel so useless..

cant help at all.

I have problems launching my server, so now I cant even do anything, but to wait for the client to go off or something.

I hate this feeling!! ARGH!

anw, back to my career path (again!)

ha, when will I be sick of it??

I want to talk about my company, but its still the world wide web, so I will just say, my future is still not decided yet!!

recently found myself in a very stressed up state.

I used to enjoy everything I do. and i think its important to be so!

As for my real-office work, its ok so far. will be better in a week's time, when my real verdict is out!

As for my outside-work work, it has been a mess, a stress.

I think I will write in cryto from now on..

SM are giving me some problems earlier due to misuse of customers. solved them. auto-pilot again now.

Verdict : Currently shopping list is up, have to get manufacturers' contacts when I am in Shanghai.

*MU. In fact, I think its quite good so far, cos it has been auto-pilot. The problem now is to get all the things I've lent out to my employees. ==> tough job.
Have to get back my stuff
Pick out the seniors and train them for instructing
Since business is not that a high tide, there is no need for coordinator
Write out the syllabus! and get ready the materials required
Come up with a comprehensive price chart

*VM. Pushing for rapid expansion now
Verdict :
Most effort required. required to tally stuff etc. really a pain.
Required 2hrs per weekday. 4hrs per sat/sun.


Analysing the effort required, we shall go to rewards.

Potential to earn $$ very fast
But not for long term, cos trading will become boundaryless in i dunno, 5-10years?.
requires some capital

No big profits
If efforts is placed in to get business partners, it will be great.
But can be hard to manage, due to employee's temperments etc.
requires no capital

Big potential in long term for passive income.
requires capital


What should I do? VM is burning me out!! Plus I have to work with someone................