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vendredi, septembre 02, 2005

Hui jia

I want to go home.

I want to go home.

I want to go home to Singapore. Please let me go.


I feel so foreign here.

Can you imagine a .. french?.. or better and easier to imagine, a china chinese, who cant speak english in singapore? and all she knows is maybe shanghainese(???) and not even chinese, although she can speak some chinese, but not alot.

and she is like working in Singapore.

I can associate so well with the foreigners in Singapore now. except that Singapore, as she is, is a tolerant place for people of different cultures. A place of racial tolerance.

but not this place i am in. where u have to speak their language, or get screwed.

I want to go home.

I really want to go home.

I am tired of my french friends even. I know they are nice people. but......

can any one of them really understand me? can I ever feel as comfortable with them as a dear Singaporean friend?


Some little happy things that brighten my gloomy day today.

Prima taste (my help to cheat, cos they make great instant sauces for me to cook!!) is having a sale at Suntec i think! Mummy is going to help me stock up my food supplies!=)

Also, one dear friend just started her blog! ha. i love my friends to have blogs, so that i know what is happening in their lifes!

i like!

speaking of which. blog more often leh, u pple! :p


I feel like giving up my relationship...........