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lundi, septembre 12, 2005

Getting old


The wedding went better than the last one!

cos sq's aunt and parents are great!

But of course the wedding is like the previous wedding long and draggy.

ha, this time around, I did not sit and wait for like 10 +hours til 7am in the morning, for people to finish their partying.

heh, those who know me, will know that I am really not a party person!

The previous time, I was soooooo bored, counting the seconds as they pass. and finally getting to go home at 7am! it was kinda horrible. paiseh lar, people like me, really not suitable to cheong like youngsters.

SO, this time. I did a ridiculous thing.

I went off with the old people.. hahahhaaaa.. I was the only one below 65yrs old to leave the party so soon. which is at 1am anyway. and the couple did not ever danced their first dance.

Yeah. very ridic hor.

I did not feel weird at first, so I happily squeezed into a car-ful of the olds. Then.

Then they started talking.

This lady was saying that she left her car at the party place and she will pick it up the day after when we go back for lunch. because she cant drive during the night.

Then they started talking about the 'youngsters', that they are going to party til 3-4am.. etc...

And one started to wonder if the hotel has lift, in the case that she is not living in the ground level.......


She's 85 btw. but kinda like me!! haha.. she needs the lift too!! i hate stairs man.

oops, i m old..

it must be really weird for a 'youngster" to refuse to party. cos sq's mum kept asking if i m ok, if i m sick or somthing like that!! hahaha

oh anw,
i dun think i will be having that party, cos its always difficult to really catch up during parties.

so will do my best to split my time!!