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lundi, septembre 05, 2005

Comments nowadays..

Comments that make me laugh til my teeth drop!

For all out there, who have enabled comments in ur blog.

Apparently there are some smartass who came up of this idea of spamming the comments of blogs!

Ha, quite smart I think.

This is one I read on Elephany's blog, and I actually believed that it is real:

Anonymous said...

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(of course these fellows included a link, but I am not obliged to help this person spam even more)

so just, i saw on my poor friend dolly's blog:

Anonymous said...

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how fake can a comment get??????


Of course, on my site, as I am using a free chat box, we will have to put up with undesirable popups.

So, no matter how badly you want to have girls with big boobs to be ur friends, DO NOT click on the AdultFriendFinder link, ok? :p