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jeudi, septembre 01, 2005

Chicken wings

(what a blog title)
long long never update liao hor?

ha. so glad my singlish is still to tune..heh

anyway, havent been updating, cos I have really really very very busy.

Left work at 2200 yesterday, but a good thing is that we have a pizza dinner sponsored by our project!! ha clap clap clap. well, at least there is food to motivate me. i ordered chicken wings instead of pizza. ha, i think some of you know my obssession with chicken wings. I like Pizza Hut's spicy wings, and u know, those BBQ chicken wings. KFC wings. McCrispy wings. etc.


now back to work.

funny, i just ate, and I feel hungry again!!!!!!!

uh huh. i hope i m not getting fat!