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vendredi, septembre 09, 2005

Birthday party or no???

going for another wedding this week, wish me luck!!!

I wonder when will I start to be bombarded with the pink bombs around..

Uncle wesley, when is urs huh???



Really excited to go back to Sg. But I havent started packing yet!!


Wondering, should I celebrate my birthday in Sg? and gather everyone?

But at the same time, if I do that, I wun have time to catch up with everyone no?

ok, so, my dearest most cherished readers, what do u think? should I book a place and invite all for my bd?

Suggestions like: 'Its ur bd, u decide. ' Are NOT welcomed ok? hahhaa.. see, I can predict some responses.

Precisely because I cant decide, that is why I am asking u all..

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me face n drop ur opinions in the tag board to your right!