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mercredi, septembre 14, 2005

Majulah Singapura

Can u feel my excitement???

I am sooooo excited to go home!!!!!!!!

So so so so!!

Cant wait any longer!


See you pple soon!!!

Majulah Singapura!
(ok, that is kinda out of point)

lundi, septembre 12, 2005

Getting old


The wedding went better than the last one!

cos sq's aunt and parents are great!

But of course the wedding is like the previous wedding long and draggy.

ha, this time around, I did not sit and wait for like 10 +hours til 7am in the morning, for people to finish their partying.

heh, those who know me, will know that I am really not a party person!

The previous time, I was soooooo bored, counting the seconds as they pass. and finally getting to go home at 7am! it was kinda horrible. paiseh lar, people like me, really not suitable to cheong like youngsters.

SO, this time. I did a ridiculous thing.

I went off with the old people.. hahahhaaaa.. I was the only one below 65yrs old to leave the party so soon. which is at 1am anyway. and the couple did not ever danced their first dance.

Yeah. very ridic hor.

I did not feel weird at first, so I happily squeezed into a car-ful of the olds. Then.

Then they started talking.

This lady was saying that she left her car at the party place and she will pick it up the day after when we go back for lunch. because she cant drive during the night.

Then they started talking about the 'youngsters', that they are going to party til 3-4am.. etc...

And one started to wonder if the hotel has lift, in the case that she is not living in the ground level.......


She's 85 btw. but kinda like me!! haha.. she needs the lift too!! i hate stairs man.

oops, i m old..

it must be really weird for a 'youngster" to refuse to party. cos sq's mum kept asking if i m ok, if i m sick or somthing like that!! hahaha

oh anw,
i dun think i will be having that party, cos its always difficult to really catch up during parties.

so will do my best to split my time!!

vendredi, septembre 09, 2005

Birthday party or no???

going for another wedding this week, wish me luck!!!

I wonder when will I start to be bombarded with the pink bombs around..

Uncle wesley, when is urs huh???



Really excited to go back to Sg. But I havent started packing yet!!


Wondering, should I celebrate my birthday in Sg? and gather everyone?

But at the same time, if I do that, I wun have time to catch up with everyone no?

ok, so, my dearest most cherished readers, what do u think? should I book a place and invite all for my bd?

Suggestions like: 'Its ur bd, u decide. ' Are NOT welcomed ok? hahhaa.. see, I can predict some responses.

Precisely because I cant decide, that is why I am asking u all..

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me face n drop ur opinions in the tag board to your right!

jeudi, septembre 08, 2005

Talking to myself

So I talked to myself.

why am I doing so many things I dun have to do?

1. I enjoy the challenge
2. I want to have passive income > my expenditure
3. I am actually enjoying myself

Q: If you are enjoying urself, why are u so stressed?
A: Because I am putting in more time than I can for my well-being. As in, I cant enjoy my life, I can go out, or spend time with people.
and it is only due to the VM.

Q:if the Vm is causing u all this, why are u continuing?
A:because it has the greatest potential for attaining passive income.

Q:do u really think that working together with E is possible? is it possible to big up an empire with him?
A:well, he is very disciplined. but its getting very difficult because of that. he has no need to socialise at all.

Q:why do u have the need to socialise?
A:I dunno. am I able to give it up? i dunno. what is the point?

Q:Is there other ways to attain passive income like VM can?
A:Maybe thru YA???

If i quit from VM, I can get back a sum of $$, and finish paying my loans..

But VM is my baby, I thought of the idea, and found an untapped resource! and how can I give it up so easily?

ARGH!! i can go on forever!

My dilemas

I feel so useless..

cant help at all.

I have problems launching my server, so now I cant even do anything, but to wait for the client to go off or something.

I hate this feeling!! ARGH!

anw, back to my career path (again!)

ha, when will I be sick of it??

I want to talk about my company, but its still the world wide web, so I will just say, my future is still not decided yet!!

recently found myself in a very stressed up state.

I used to enjoy everything I do. and i think its important to be so!

As for my real-office work, its ok so far. will be better in a week's time, when my real verdict is out!

As for my outside-work work, it has been a mess, a stress.

I think I will write in cryto from now on..

SM are giving me some problems earlier due to misuse of customers. solved them. auto-pilot again now.

Verdict : Currently shopping list is up, have to get manufacturers' contacts when I am in Shanghai.

*MU. In fact, I think its quite good so far, cos it has been auto-pilot. The problem now is to get all the things I've lent out to my employees. ==> tough job.
Have to get back my stuff
Pick out the seniors and train them for instructing
Since business is not that a high tide, there is no need for coordinator
Write out the syllabus! and get ready the materials required
Come up with a comprehensive price chart

*VM. Pushing for rapid expansion now
Verdict :
Most effort required. required to tally stuff etc. really a pain.
Required 2hrs per weekday. 4hrs per sat/sun.


Analysing the effort required, we shall go to rewards.

Potential to earn $$ very fast
But not for long term, cos trading will become boundaryless in i dunno, 5-10years?.
requires some capital

No big profits
If efforts is placed in to get business partners, it will be great.
But can be hard to manage, due to employee's temperments etc.
requires no capital

Big potential in long term for passive income.
requires capital


What should I do? VM is burning me out!! Plus I have to work with someone................

mercredi, septembre 07, 2005


Ok, finally, my going-to-grow-mushroom long awaited pictures of disneyland.

I only upload the pics i took with the 'characters'.

mardi, septembre 06, 2005

Comment 2

Here is one more funny comment from Elephany's blog:

Tian ah.......

Anonymous said...

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yeah everyone!


if not, i will leave comments on ur blog about my pharmacy!


It*s My Life

Since my friends are into this carebear game, i did the test while waiting for my server (again!).

I dun get it! i m cheer bear. why am i cheer bear???????

Cheer Bear
You're the Care Bear cheerleader! Your spunky personality and optimisim lifts everyone's spirit. Though you want everyone to be happy, you stand your ground on issues you feel strongly about and this can bring disunity among your friends. Despite this, you are a true believer in working together.

lundi, septembre 05, 2005

Comments nowadays..

Comments that make me laugh til my teeth drop!

For all out there, who have enabled comments in ur blog.

Apparently there are some smartass who came up of this idea of spamming the comments of blogs!

Ha, quite smart I think.

This is one I read on Elephany's blog, and I actually believed that it is real:

Anonymous said...

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(of course these fellows included a link, but I am not obliged to help this person spam even more)

so just, i saw on my poor friend dolly's blog:

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how fake can a comment get??????


Of course, on my site, as I am using a free chat box, we will have to put up with undesirable popups.

So, no matter how badly you want to have girls with big boobs to be ur friends, DO NOT click on the AdultFriendFinder link, ok? :p

vendredi, septembre 02, 2005

The wedding

Ha, finally pictures of the wedding.

see how I proscinate?? :p

Of course it includes the 'bra' game, where girls are to take off their bras. duh!

Speaking of which, I am attending another wedding. in 1+weeks' time. wish me luch. actually i will rather not go........


anw, here are the pictures!

Hui jia

I want to go home.

I want to go home.

I want to go home to Singapore. Please let me go.


I feel so foreign here.

Can you imagine a .. french?.. or better and easier to imagine, a china chinese, who cant speak english in singapore? and all she knows is maybe shanghainese(???) and not even chinese, although she can speak some chinese, but not alot.

and she is like working in Singapore.

I can associate so well with the foreigners in Singapore now. except that Singapore, as she is, is a tolerant place for people of different cultures. A place of racial tolerance.

but not this place i am in. where u have to speak their language, or get screwed.

I want to go home.

I really want to go home.

I am tired of my french friends even. I know they are nice people. but......

can any one of them really understand me? can I ever feel as comfortable with them as a dear Singaporean friend?


Some little happy things that brighten my gloomy day today.

Prima taste (my help to cheat, cos they make great instant sauces for me to cook!!) is having a sale at Suntec i think! Mummy is going to help me stock up my food supplies!=)

Also, one dear friend just started her blog! ha. i love my friends to have blogs, so that i know what is happening in their lifes!

i like!

speaking of which. blog more often leh, u pple! :p


I feel like giving up my relationship...........

jeudi, septembre 01, 2005

Chicken wings

(what a blog title)
long long never update liao hor?

ha. so glad my singlish is still to tune..heh

anyway, havent been updating, cos I have really really very very busy.

Left work at 2200 yesterday, but a good thing is that we have a pizza dinner sponsored by our project!! ha clap clap clap. well, at least there is food to motivate me. i ordered chicken wings instead of pizza. ha, i think some of you know my obssession with chicken wings. I like Pizza Hut's spicy wings, and u know, those BBQ chicken wings. KFC wings. McCrispy wings. etc.


now back to work.

funny, i just ate, and I feel hungry again!!!!!!!

uh huh. i hope i m not getting fat!