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vendredi, août 12, 2005

Triste Femme

Its been booked!

My air tickets of course!

I am officially flying on 15th sept, at what time, i dunno.

As my sissy is in Shanghai having her internship. and since she cant come back. So my family has decided that me and my mum fly up to Shanghai to look for sis and dad instead, on the 22 september. WHICH leaves me, i think not much time in singapore. =( I will do my best to arrange.

A dark cloud is hovering ard my head.

just yesterday, my friend sent me a link to this blog which describes a girl, who got pregnant by her bf, and how she is coping with it. In fact, her bf, LX, abandonned her after she told him that she is pregnant. and accused her for delibrately getting herself pregnant just to tie him to her.

AND to top things up, LX is a scholar, a government one.

The short blog for just like ard 2 weeks old. is hacked into, or so I think.

Today morning, I visited the site, to find that the blog doesnt not exist.

Very puzzled, I retyped the address. But, still no results.

And just now. I visited it again. only to find it all white. blank. without any data.

Is it the vicious bf who hit back?

or is it some mysterious authority?

I really do not know.

I just feel so so so sad for her.

Take care to all. Girls, pls do not get urselves pregnant.

Girls are especially vulnerable to this. To 'keep' their men, to satisfy their men, or to get love.

it is so sad