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vendredi, août 12, 2005

Things to do

Out of the bigger things I have to settle:
I have small things too.

-Find a loving home for my dear XiaoKe (anyone is interested in looking after an adorable rabbit?)
asking squeeze to find out about animal transport to france.

I think I might be going to be very poor.
-Bring my labby to the toshiba repair centre, and if it is not able to be repaired, buy a 2nd hand labby
*spotted a 2nd hand ibook g3 for 600 : emailed e seller
-Get e camera from sis, or buy a 2nd hand one
*done, i m getting it from sis
-get a foot spa, my feet has been sore every morning I wake up
*found one for 19/ buying price for 21, spoke to ossie liao
-other things include CPF trading account

-NTU Alumini Application (anyone joining? join leh!!!)
-buy air tickets to shanghai
*i think going with thai air for 2 for abt 900
from 22sept to 9oct
emailed family liao
-buy a mp3 or something player, because my MD spoil liao =(
*found a tdk one for 70usd
cannot learn french liao =(
-go for my annual haircut n colour or treatment
-go for a mani/pedi and buy pedi things to bring back to france
-get all the prima taste things i need
*get 4 of all flavours i think. from ntuc
-get other food supply (je sais pas quoi)
-get a business developer for vm
-get my makeup stuff back from hy
-get business stuff proper
-get the thing for my teeth, i have been grinding them, so i need to get protection.
-get new contact lenses
-make new specs? cos my current specs Y Y. =(
-should i shop for some pro pro clothes??/? cos doing business when i came back
-i think i m stressed...

i think still got more things.. lemme think