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lundi, août 01, 2005

Singaporean Plans =)

Since my days in Singapore is scarce.

only 2 weeks. I want to make a list of all the people I die die must meet up with:p

I hope i dun forget to meet up anyone!!!

Voici la liste (in no order of priority hor!!)
-MUM! and dad (hopefully)
-Elephany, dolly, daffy, Avocardo('s constant) -> for absolutely senseless batter
side note, simply because he decided to name himself that, after we learnt it during chemistry lessons ha
-Jingle ling, Sand.. for girl talk
-Shifu.. for his wise ramblings..haha
-Jingle ling, luohan, sand, big piece of meat, kit kat, ah huat, aaron, etc u will know it if you are in that group lar!! AND their other halves of course! hmm pretty big group.
-Fred, my fav metrosexual..haha.
-Joanne. and other half.
-Noel, hao-ge, siewmai, mel mel jie, kang kang, ting, hilda, kevin, victor?, panda, sure-win etc JC pple for eating alot alot alot. and of course, for poking fun at siewmai.hhaa.. no lar, we have been always very kind!
-Cussie!! and grande cussie and other half(haha) that is you, weasley.
-Ossie and Amicable
-Rajat and dev etc? i dunno. rajat should be married by then, no? u dunno
-Couper girl (primary one meilleure amie)
-Ossie + other girls (ossie, i wonder if we could locate weiqing and the rest??? should be fun leh!! i got contact with jocasta. haha)
-prob elephany for fashion advice ..ha.. am ever so proud of my buyer friend.
-of course my gang members. all the -ancys.
-Grand pa (father side)
-Grand ma (mother side)
-miscellaneous relatives?
-mm ming for badminton?
-Prof tay! (not v close to prof yew so i think just say hi can liao)
-hopefully, find a business developer, and meet all the poeple i need to meet for business.
-set up CPF trading account, etc
-settle 10000000... adminstrative things