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vendredi, août 26, 2005

Relationship responsibility


I HATE unwelcomed guests here in my blog. you know who you are.

I do not like you visitng my blog.

so dun. thanks.

if you continue, i will just have to shut down this blog, and start
another one anonymous.


I might be one of the most technologically challenged computer engineers
around, but i do know what is an IP address.

So, basically, i will definitely know it, if you were to visit my blog.

so dun be a fool.

i know that it is much much more than those 3 times that you 'admitted'
that you visited my blog.

so, any more of this shit. I will change my blog address. n be anonymous.

I realised that I have been posting less and less than before, because of this shit.


Hi you people that I like!



I am not a nasty person ok?

Recently, it seems that girls around me are having the same problems.


Responsibility in a relationship. how important is that?

It is factual that we have to be responsible to our partners. as in. not
to cheat with someone else behind (or in front!) of our other halfs.

Visualise this scenario:
Friend A, she went with another guy, whilst having a bf. for easy naming, old bf == Bf A, new bf == Bf B.
So, she told Bf B about Bf A, but she did not tell Bf A about Bf B.
Bf B loves her too much to let go. meanwhile Bf A is kept in the dark.
now Bf B have doubts. she still have Bf A, no?

Visualise another scenario:
Friend B.
she went with another guy, whilst having a bf. for easy naming again =P, old bf == Bf A, new bf == Bf B.
she did the responsible thing. she broke with the old bf to be with the new one.
THEN. the new one wants a break.
She lost both.
Doesnt it pay to be relationship responsible?

or is it better to be selfish, to protect yourself?

Now, men are all so changeable. would you choose to protect yourself to the maximum, so that you will not end up alone? or will you still play by the morally correct rules?

For me, at least for now, I can afford to play by the morally correct rules. except that I suck at ending relationships. cos when the guy begs for a chance, I will go soft and give in, again and again, even if I know well that there is no chance..