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mardi, août 09, 2005

(NOT) Just other deordorant..

I find this need to write about this ABSOLUTELY ridiculous advertisement that I have seen in the cinema, i think it is on TV here too.

It is about this brand of deodourant, that I have already forgotten about it. => which proves - NOT EFFECTIVE!

The advert started with this asian couple (i m not sure about their nationality) fighting with each other => aka Hidden Dragon, couching tiger cum Hero- style.

They were happily fighting and doing their 'qing gong' over lakes etc(walking and fighting on the water basically).

AND out of nowhere, the woman flew up and did a Bruce-lee or Huang Feihong poise. U know the one where u put your hands up like an eagle, with one leg on the ground and another leg upwards.

AND AND, she used her feet, (in fact the first and second toes) and PINCHED the guy's nipple!!!!!


and then the man was in great pain, and he bared his bare chest.

THEN! flowers started flowing out from his chest.

THEN the girl, she floated towards the guy and rested her head demurely onto the guy's chest.

and the picture of the deodourant appears........................ -_-

guys, will u buy this product? girls, do u want ur guy to use this product?