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mardi, août 16, 2005

My delicious Chicken Soup

First, I shall start this blog by commending someone.

For she,

with the so very few precious hours that she is awake.

She actually used some of the awake time to read my blog!!


Everyone gives 'psn' (as u can see from the tagboard) or fondly known as 'Elephany' a pat on the back!!!


Doesnt this sound like the commencing of some church service, or some MLM talk?????

they always like to make awkward newcomers feel welcomed.

Not knowing that by doing so, the newcomers will only feel even more awkward?? I mean. being new is awkward enough. you dun really need strangers giving u the i-try-my-best-to-smile-so-brightly-and-pretend-to-look-like-i-like-you-but-in-actual-fact-i-do-not-even-know-you smile.

ANW. cheers to ELEPHANY! hahaa

Yesterday, I just had a thought.

Other than just bring a foot spa to France, I want to create a small corner garden in my apartment, so that I can relac one corner there. =p

so excitedly, I msned and told Shifu (his blog is on the right) that I want to have a small gardern in my apartment.

Of course, one would wonder, what a normal sane 24+ year old straight man do at an unearthly hour of 5.30am in Singapore?

Make a guess???


As clearly displayed in his MSN nick.


and he still tell me got hole after removing his corn. how pucky is that??

Almost made me puke out the Herbal Chicken Soup that I was drinking.

Ha, anw, which brings me to:

you know, i am more n more in love with my own cooking.

it is sooo delicious that I cant stop.

I can just bowl the chicken again n again, and put more and more herbs.

then drink. and fill up with more water.

THEN drink again.

and this cycle could go on forever!


I do. I do love my chicken soup so!