A Bimbo, Re-Defined

...a princess's diary...

lundi, août 15, 2005


Internet has been unstable.

Just like my life.

It is funny how people who do not even know u, are able to make so many judgements about u?

To what extent do u need to bother about such baseless judgements, and when to care, and when to heck care.

Having a rich experience in this area. The following has been my rules to follow by:

If the person knows me pretty well, I will be very affected, and reflect on myself. Only I know who knows me pretty well. The amount of people is this tier, can be easily counted using one hand.

If the person knows me fairly well, I will ask more questions, find out about it, and ponder on my own. I will bother to explain myself.

If the person knows me like a normal friend. I will find it weird. I might find out about it. I might not be bothered to explain myself, depending on the level of difficulty to explain.

If the person does not know me at all. I will just sneer. Ponder a little. And grumble a little and let it go. Cos my dearest friends will always be there to support me, no?

It’s the same that I am very protective of my friends.

Of course there are exceptions.

If the person is of a certain credibility, I will listen and learn. In fact, I am more than willing to listen and learn.

Of a certain credibility, meaning:
(I dun care about IQ level, cos some with Iqs can turn out be be rather idiotic)
-having an accomplished career.
Very difficult to explain hor. To be it very simply, they are the top 10% amongst the graduates.
I mean, having an accomplished career, to me, means that they are smart, street wise, knowledge, are able to judge situations well (so the likelihood of them misjudging me is low), determined, driven.

-a politician.
Haha.. I dunno, I still feel that to be a politician, u have to have a gift to ‘size’ people up. Hence the possibility of misjudging me is low.

-experienced leader.
U know, those type of old old CEOs. They have seen all shapes and sizes of people. Knowledgeable and wise. And they have to have good judgement of people to be successful no?

Then… I dunno liao.

Ha, anyway. It feels great to have my rules out. It is the first time I actually sat down to think about it, and it is due to my internet being down. :P

There has been a lot of misjudging going on…

In work, and in my private life.

The work one, I kind of worked it out.

In my private life, it got me fuming for quite a bit. But I think I m going to ignore it.

An ex-bf accused me of lying to him. Saying that I am with this female colleague, but in actual fact, I am with a guy.

Which is SO UN TRUE.

On one hand, I have to console and comfort this friend for 3 days 2 nites. And have all my supplies of chips and coca-light being depleted in the meantime :(

On the other hand, I am faced with all the false accusations.

Plus I have mountains of work to do! (not office work of course)

How can life be so frustrating.

I had enough. I had enough of explaining myself.

I am angry that someone who used to be so close to me, who is supposed to know who I really am. Is able to misjudge me like that. Maybe none of my bfs really really know me. :( which is kinda a very sad thought. I do hope not. I shall stop being angry by accusations of previous bfs. EVER AGAIN! Being angry, and explaining myself, it is such a tiring process.

He actually checked my bank account statements to verify if I was doing what I claimed I was doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH! I am soooo angry.

I am so sad, so disappointed. I am not a difficult person to understand, no? :(


You never know what the people who are ‘close’ to you, really REALLY think about me, unless things turn ugly, no?

To top up with that. I am no liar. I do hide things. But I do not lie.

For example:
Ossie: My bf is SOOOO cute hor?
Me: yup, his expression is cute. (which is true!)

But ossie also knows that I never say straight that: Your bf is cute.

HAHAHAA.. see, I am a honest honest girl. Dearest ossie can vouch for it! :P

Haha. Dun kill me hor!!!!!

THanks for all of u who gave me the support. Love u pple!!