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lundi, août 01, 2005

Foods, I miss you!!

On top of the list of foods that I have listed that I want to try when I get back to Singapore.

I shall not forget about my old favourites foods right?? :P

.-*~Voici la liste!~*-.
-Beach road, hokien prawn noodle
-Kenny rogers, macaroni & cheese
-Suki sushi buffet, for stuffing myself with BBQ unagi AND salmon sashimis, chawamushi, and fried tofu
-suntec, mini personal steamboat buffet with herbal chinese soup
-Shrimp paste fried rice from Thailand express at colours at the bay. Esplanade. with cross ordering of Garlic ice cream from Garlic resto
-Scoopz from Parkway Parade with AJISEN ramen!!! the pak ku ramen.
-or jian
-Maxwell market's curry rice
-Maxwell market's wu xiang
(HELP me salivating liao!)
-Mee hun kuay
-Nasi lemak
-bedok bah cou mee
-Roti prata
-Seoul garden (i know i shouldnt be missing this, BUT..)
-fish & co. seafood platter
-BBQ! satay, hotdogs, etc
-Geylang taiwanese mian xian + yong tiao
-Pasar malam food: fried siew mai, taiwanese sausage, tutu
-peanut pasted tang yuan, Beach road
-Geylang beef horfun
-Delifrance (haha) for breakfast
-Ya kun!! kaya toast, with egg
-dark fried noodles
-char siew rice
-BBQ chicken wings
-chicken rice
-prawn mee
-White wine pasta from Pasta mania
-salty fish fried rice
-ice kacang
-dim sum buffet @china square
-crystal jade
-forest of mushroom pasta
-smoked salmon pasta
-mango tango from fullerton
-black pepper crab
-goreng pisang