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mercredi, juillet 20, 2005

Self bashing

As someone who is very proud of who I am, and my heritage. I find it really hard to tolerate when under-exposed-yet-want-to-act-like-he/she-has-travelled-widely people bash ourselves.

be it bashing asians. bashing chinese in general. or bashing singaporeans (mainly, self bashing)

I hardly see foreigners bashing singaporeans, but singaporeans doing self-bashing can be commonly seen.

why is it always like that?!?


my colleague was asking, why do I not speak with all the 'Lahs' and 'Lors', as he know quite a number of malaysians, and they speak like that.

I replied, of course I do! I love Singlish. But also, it is important not to mix Singlish with English. (the same with Singlish and Chinese or whatever language that is in our beloved rojak-like language)

In professional situations, I prefer to stick to English, and in casual occassions, Singlish. and I am sure alot of singaporeans are doing the same, no?