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mercredi, juillet 06, 2005


is the atmosphere very heated up in Singapore????

Especially with the Olympics Bidding there, no?

Today, the radio man spoke gently my dearest country's name for like 100000times that I lost count!

Apparently, the france president Jacques Chirac is there to make his presentation. and so are the rest of the other countries bidding for Olympics 2012. Tony Blair etc.

In my heart, I only hope that my country is able to impress all, and market itself well using this chance.

oh also, I bet all of you thought that Singapore has lost the bid for Disneyland right? and convienently thought that the only alternative out is to set up Integrated Resorts (it is always good to use the politically correct term ha :P) right? ha, apparently no, it is as the Sg government did not want to invest in it, as compared to the HK government. That is why.

hey in fact, I think it is a good move. u think?