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vendredi, juillet 29, 2005

My Outcome

Hi all,

I will be back in September for around 2 weeks. most prob back in mid september.=)

Then I will be back again. for my career, I have not much of a choice now. and the opportunity I was given is great.

as such, there might a possibility that I have to stay for one more year here. OR i might be back in Asia, HK or Shanghai, or Tokyo or Singapore, or wherever. That will be decided at end of december, after my training in that aspect.

So, as you might have expected, the meeting went well. I had the blessings from all above. I want to thank everyone who has believed in me. HA, sounds so drama!!!!!!! but really. When I took this step towards my goal, I know I am up against really strong competitors. ALL have more experience than me, have held managerial positions. I feel like a small small fry. who is not even fluent enough in French. I have too many incompetencies. which is a big blow to my confidence. BUT ha, I can fake confidence well.

Anyway, I made a quiet resolution to myself. To study my french religuously. (which I havent been doing) :( why oh why are there so many distractions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me!!! ha. I need more discipline.

Hence I thought of a way. each day after work, I will go straight to a brasserie ( a cafe), and study my french for 2 hours. before I head home. If not, I will be really really too distracted at home, and I find it hard to turn people down (okok, I am too playful:p)

so yup. starting from today, oh today I can only study for 1 hour, cos I have tennis. And I am thinking if I should go karting with the others tomorrow............

Hmmm......... decisions decisions...........

oh, monday I am meeting up this new friend of mine, a malaysian gal. happy. she will be like my only taste of local flavour, if all the rest of my colleagues leave. =( amy is leaving too.

went to my gallant's house to eat yesterday. with another french. I guess, I am good enough for conversational french, but not yet business french. HELP!!!!

I will focus on my outcome!!!!!!