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mardi, juillet 05, 2005

Luxembourg n champagne


just got back from a trip from champagne and Luxembourg =)

The trip was.. hmm.. dunno how to describe.

we went to taste the most expensive and famous champagne in the world: Moët and Chandon.

For someone who cant take alcohol (like me!), i think i almost vomited after one flute of champagne. BUT I didnt, I just slept straight on the car after it. =p

Luxembourg was nice. BUT. erhmm.

The trip was cut short by a small tiny mistake.

Apparently the car cant take diesel, as it runs on petrol. BUT that woman told us that it runs on diesel. SO happily, diesel is pumped into the vehicle. and the rest is history.

Well, at least we get to wait at the beautiful Benedictine Abbey (the most religious place in the country), for the toil vehicle, and the replacement.

we can almost say for sure that the car is almost dead for now.

pictures soon!!

ALSO.. heh... * rubs hands *

we had a girls' night out yesterday..............

and everything else is up to ur imagination! haha..

update more soon!=p