A Bimbo, Re-Defined

...a princess's diary...

mardi, juillet 26, 2005

Happily ever after, My foot!

Suddenly, I realised.

Everyone is leaving. Only a few are left in Paris.

Amy has finished her masters and going back to Paris.

And everything.

The other colleagues in my area are happily counting down the days to go back to singapore.

Me? I am just happy that I am going to get back to singapore to see my family, my friends, and my beloved country.

I am really super satisfied here. Obviously not.

Yet there are many factors that made me make the decision to stay.

In contrast to the popular belief. it is not because of love.

I feel that I am at a point of my life that I am not placing love as my primary priority.

It was.

But now, suddenly it isnt.

Probably it is due to the incidents that kept hitting me straight on the face. that love seems to be something unattainable.

I remembered the times when I strongly believed in the term 'Happily ever after'.

it was a much simpler time.

I loved fairy tales. I loved shows with happy endings.


when I went to Disneyland again, and saw the parade.

Unlike the last time that I was seeing the parade.

Last time, I was so excited to see each disney couple. being together in a Xin Fu manner. and waving to the crowd.

This time, when i see each disney couple. I wonder. do they argue? do they fight behind the screens?

do they even sleep on the same bed.

have the 'real' beauty and the beast divorced?

All these, we never know.

Simply because the story always ends with they got married. etc.

but NEVER EVER more than that.

I mean, of course they seem all lovey dovey lar!

They are like forever stuck in their honeymoon period what.

I mean, its the same for almost all couples who first started no?

I feel cheated.

Although I know I do not have the right to feel so.

But I do.