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mercredi, juillet 13, 2005


I realised.

realised that there still remains some things that are not to be spoken on blogs..

Caught a whiff of a horrible rumour about me yesterday. It makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach.

Reminds me alot of the old days when there are rumours about me in uni days. or even rumours that date all the way but to Secondary school times.

In secondary school times, there are rumours about me and my friends being lian and all. 'connected' to gangs or whatever. er.. what gangs?? we are really very kuai people u know!?! it is just that we potrayed ourselves a little like the mean girls, in the mean girls movie. =p . very bad, i know. but HEY, we were young and innocent then!!!

then there was this rumour about us wearing PVC clothings to the school's drama night. this is again...... er.......... refreshing your memory a little. PVC clothings are the 'in' wear for the ah-lians at that point of time. due to of course, our dearest, Fann Wong.

** A small digression here. Fann Wong's name is one with alot of ??? for me. in chinese it is Fan wen fang. YET in english it is Fann Wong. So is her surname Fan?? OR is it Wong????

Ok, back to the PVC clothings that we supposedly wore. I DO NOT EVEN OWN A PVC CLOTHING!!! how the end is it possible?!? I just merely wore a black tshirt, and black jeans, thats all!

anw. after that comes rumours about me being with this very popular guy in school. er.. we only went out ONCE. and rumours had it that we were spotted holding hands, strolling in campus. ER.. oh well. just bad luck for being targetted by the school's most scandalous guy, i guess. nevermind his actresses ex gfs.

Over the times, the contents of the rumours change from childish to mature stuff that you might read in those saucy gossip magazines.

This time. it is a bad one. i cant think of anything worse.

Hence people. sorry about it, but i felt the need to delete certain past entries. and maybe after i sanitize them, then i might republish them again.

Those who have been following this modest blog have read them all. so. there. =)