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mardi, juillet 19, 2005

Driving, from a big fat ignorant person.

July 11, 2005

Lost sight of humanity in drive to do well?

I READ the report, 'The road to rage' (ST, July 6).

Having lived and travelled extensively overseas, I can attest that my fellow Singaporean drivers and riders are the worst.

Many of them use the roads with total disregard for the safety of other road users.

Over the last 18 months, I have been living in Jakarta.

Anyone who has been there would know that the traffic is heavy during peak hours and the roads are congested. Sometimes, it is total mayhem.

But despite all the chaos, drivers are polite and allow others to overtake them.

No rude gestures, no hurling of vulgarities, no sounding of the horn and no staring at each other.

Maybe it is in their nature or maybe they have accepted the fact that rushing is not going to get you out of the jam any faster, and getting angry is not worth it.

In Singapore, it will be hard to find such drivers.

We may be living in a most modern city but our behaviour is primitive.

Try to signal that you are changing lanes and you will suddenly find cars speeding up from behind to block you. It's like them telling you: 'How dare you cut into my space?'

Even at pedestrian crossings, it is not uncommon to see drivers not giving way to pedestrians or driving on even before people have crossed the road.

I have even seen inconsiderate drivers cutting right across the path of young children at pedestrian crossings, endangering their lives.

Canadian drivers are probably the best in the world and I think we can learn a lot from them.

The Canadians have no courtesy campaigns to get them to be courteous and drive safely.

They have no fines either. It comes right from their heart.

During a trip to Toronto last year, I was standing at a road junction waiting to cross.

A car came up and stopped at the junction. I looked at him and waited for him to move on. He looked at me and waved at me to cross.

I looked backed at him and waved at him to move on. Instead, he waved back at me to cross first.

We must have done this three or four times before I realised I had the right of way and he was waiting for me to cross.

This is not an isolated incident.

At every traffic junction in busy streets and quiet roads, this scene is repeated. Drive near a school zone and you will find drivers automatically slowing down their vehicles and watching out for kids.

If a school bus stops in front of their vehicles for children to alight or board, they would stop behind the bus and wait for it to move.

In our drive to do well economically, have we lost sight of what is human and humane?

How different are we from wild animals which mark their space and chase away intruders?

In carparks, it is not rare to see a driver taking his time to move his car out of a lot when he notices someone waiting for that space.

Neighbours take one another to court over trivial matters such as water from washing cars overflowing to their side of the fence.

It is about time we learnt to take life a little easier, to laugh a little more and to give way to others.

It is about time we took control of our behaviour without recourse to campaigns and fines.

It is about time we learnt to be human again.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan

This person probably have not lived in Paris yet=)

Here is where people bang each other's cars (alittle), when doing parallel parking. things like that are so bad that people just drive cheap cars.

oh also, my neighbour actually gave me a scolding because when I bathe, if the water hits the window, it will somehow drip to the apartment below (if enough water hits the window, that is).

oh well.

Many people like Paris. But who have really worked here will like Paris? or for that matter, France?

As described in the lonely plant book, the French assumes that "Every decent human being should be able to speak French". ALL YOU NON FRENCH SPEAKING PEOPLE LISTEN UP! you are sooo indecent:P

of course this is changing.. but ever so slowly.

Other than the unwillingness to settle the administrative issues for us, our french company simply ignores our needs.

AND to my surprise, (this i just found out recently) it is the same for the other not-so-big (by saying big, i mean iGems) french companies. My other friend is also being discriminated. he is not offered relocation pay, which is offered to the rest of his french colleagues. It is like, his colleagues expect him to be REALLY happy here, cos they expected that his pay to be at around 80 euros per month! HOW ATROCIOUS!!!!

oh freak.

at least I am thankful for my good manager. but definitely not for the others that i do not want to name.

FRENCH FRENCH!! i must jiayou to make my french fluent!!!

I was telling my colleauges that we have to learn french to survive in this company. In fact, they are right that there is no or little economical benefits to be able to speak french. business everywhere speaks english. but for me.. since I am earning french euros now, I might as well earn it well:) it is always better to have an extra tool. besides it is definitely an advantage for me, when I climb in this company, since I am bonded for 2 more years.

AND of course, alittle bit for sq.

TO be fair. Some people are really nice.

It is just that the HR in france is not matured enough. resulting in the unhappiness of the employees. both french and non-french.