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vendredi, juillet 29, 2005


something dramatic happened during lunch.

someone insulted my country.

Because we were discussing that the slow adminstration in France, cos we have not got our insurance, after staying for almost one year.

and an obnoxious french man said. Well, at least we are slow, but u have corruption.


Singapore? corruption!?!

I was soooo pissed, I asked for the proof.

cos I know jolly well, that we are in the top 10 uncorrupted countries.

I was sooo pissed. In fact, he is the cacawats guy. Ossie, you know him too.

So I search for the information, and slammed it in his face.

My country did not let me down. we are ranked 5th. and France is 25th.

oh, a coincidence is that it is 5 to the power of 2.=)

ok lar, in retrospect, I reacted too denfensively. but he did apologise after seeing the facts.

I hate people who argue without facts. isnt it stupid to be proud of your country, and argue blindly, without facts??????