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lundi, juillet 11, 2005

A brainless day

Is there a point of time that there is simply no motivation to move even a single brain cell?

Today is such a day.

Mysteriously, I had a headache (again!).

I think it is due to my grinding of teeth when I am asleep. It is an old bad habit from long long time ago, whenever I am stressed..


Ossie was wondering why is it that, each time a girl talks about the problems she has, and 90% of the time, it will be due to men.

My opinion is as such. Love is usually at the top of the agenda for women. each time when I like someone, he is always in my mind. and usually all the problems i will have is due to this man. Hence what I told Ossie was, That is because women are intelligent creatures, other problems such as work, money etc.. is not really a problem, especially when women are able to solve them easily on their own. so that really leaves one problem: MEN.

I was feeling rather useless. After being with almost all categories of desirable men, I have still yet to find my life partner. Someone to hold my hand when I am old and cranky. Someone to wake me up with a kiss each morning, and kiss me goodnight each night.

Where are you, my dearest husband? Have you, in fact, forgotten all about me?