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jeudi, juillet 21, 2005

Batman review and other things

ha, i think i have to clarify.

the club review that i posted up earlier, is not as sleazy as u think.
as in, there are no oral, given or received, by the male waiters, or bartenders ok?!?

ok. good that i have clarified that.

even though there are bars where people just go to have sex with each other in Paris. a conservative person (like me!) really cant imagine such a place.
anw. yesterday i went to watch Batman, FINALLY!!
i liked it. well. except for the fact that it is rather impossible to believe.
There are some basic queries in my head.

1. how come batman has to make his metal bat-shaped secret weapon MANUALLY?!?
does he have the time? if I am not wrong, he has to work right? PLUS he has night activities.
2. the vaporising machine. hmm. it turns all fluid into vapour.
so smart. what about human tears, saliva, or blood for that matter!
how are people still able to open their eyes when their eye balls are turning into vapour?!?
what about sweat?!? etc. I can still see sweat on Rachel's face!how can it be so stupid!
3. the people who breathed in the vapour. they will lost their mind, or die maybe, in like maybe 30mins or so?!? (like Rachel did, the first time she took it)
she fainted.
how come the rest of the people who has inhaled the thing, is able to run around, and be afraid of each other?!?!!! i know i know, she has taken a strong does. BUT the people are running around in a mist full of that vapour! surely their dose will not be less than hers.

there are more things that i want to complain about the film. but I guess i will stop now.

Oh, the cinema I watched it in, is gorgeous!
it is the one on Champs Elysée. Franklin Roosevelt.
I mean, it is not spectular. but it definitely has a class of its own. of course, cos the people who watch movies on Champs elysée are supposed to be rich, so the other movie goers are like cladded in their guccis and LVs. not me lar. sadly. but i like the atmosphere here.
anyway it costs the same, so why not?
will post pictures as soon as I can!

I wonder when did I start to be such a sucker for nice ambience.. I guess I wasnt so obssesive when I was younger.
oh well, I am a visual person.
recently there are so many issues.
including the NKF thingy.
and of course that famous babe who posted pictures of herself naked on her blog.
then after it. this girl went on to bare her breasts during this recent blogger's conference in singapore. and like pressed them against an attached man for a photo.
Kenny (that lucky man) posted it on his blog.
after, the famous Xiaxue wrote about it angrily.
Kenny took it down apologetically..
then now Xiaxue's blog is hacked.
isnt this all so fun?